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Top Questions People Think About When They Shop For Plantation Shutters

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  • 04 Jun 2015
Top Questions People Think About When They Shop For Plantation Shutters image

Open windows look bare and in many ways portray a naked house or office. Shutters when installed on these windows become a compliment through which you can limit what you want to see or not. In addition, shutters are a source of style and when they are good, they become an added attraction that improves the outlook of a house.

In addition to the above, shutters are also used in enhancing privacy and security as well as ventilation. Despite looking traditional, plantation shutters are among the best in the market and are more attractive as compared to the other types of shutters.

Why use plantation shutters?

Shutters made of other materials cannot match plantation shutters in outlook, cost and versatility. Versatility here refers to the capacity to adapt to change or ease of change. Plantation shutters are versatile because they are easy to accept changes while retaining their elegance. In adding to this, they are flexible enough to be fitted anywhere despite the shape while still retaining its style and low cost.

Are the shutters elegant enough?

Talking of elegance, it is important to emphasize that plantation shutters exude a sense of style and sophistication especially when they are made out of the best wood. In order to create an illusion of bigger space, plantation shutter can be installed overlapping the windows. This signifies the ease of working with these shutters to give the best outlook as possible.

Do they offer security?

One functional use of shutters is enhancing security. However, one will wonder whether plantation shutters have any security characteristic attached to them. The answer is yes, with proper fitting and the right type of timber, they as good as any other type of shutters or even better. Plantation shutters are a sure way of keeping opportunistic thieves away from your home. They also give an assurance that you cannot lose any items through the window or even have a person fall over.

Do they pass planning permission?

In building, no one will dictate what material you should build with as far as your building is secure enough. In terms of weight, plantation shutters are not weighty to an extent of making a house too heavy to be unsafe. As far as the type of timber to be used passes planning certification, there will be no reason to prohibit you from installing plantation shutters.

Will they lower the value of property?

Considering that property value is determined by the developments made in the property. As indicated above, though they were previously thought low quality, plantation shutters are now considered elegant and their value has gone up. This means that your property will definitely have additional value when installed with plantation shutters. On the other hand, plantation shutters are not complex to install and do not require heavy works on your wall or frames. As a result, its installation cannot have adverse effects on your wall.

Plantation shutters offer all the functional purposes; enhanced security, style and weather protection. As indicated above, they also add value to your property. It is therefore important to have the best quality of shutters as well have them installed by a professional in ensuring you do not have negative effects on the wall.

It is also important that you do not introduce conflict in theme of our house with contrasting shutter colours. Some advice on what to buy and how to install will not be of nay harm, seek advice. When in need of plantation shutters, it is prudent to find out from the leading shutter suppliers who can be sourced from the internet or locally from local directories. Well, you don’t have to look far. We are one of the leading shutter suppliers in Brisbane so contact us today and find out more!

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