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Can Plantation Shutters Warp Over Time?

  • Guardian Screens
  • 16 May 2020
Can Plantation Shutters Warp Over Time? image

Can Plantation Shutters Warp Over Time?

Plantation shutters are a long-term investment for your home. Before purchasing, we will often receive questions surrounding the durability of shutters, including if they warp, contract or absorb moisture in harsh weather conditions. If you’re worried that your plantation shutters may warp over time, here are some things you should understand before investing in a particular style of shutter for your home.

What can warp shutters?

There are a variety of factors that can warp shutters, from harsh sunlight and unfavourable weather conditions to moisture and splash zones in the kitchen and bathrooms. However, whether your shutters will warp or not under these types of conditions will depend on the type of material used to craft your shutters.

What type of shutters are prone to warping?

Typically, purchasing PVC shutters from a cheap manufacturer can leave you with warped or yellowed window dressings, due to the mistreatment of UV stabilisers. Timber shutters are likely to warp and fade against the sun and are not suited to wet areas.  It is also not recommended to purchase timber shutters especially living Queensland.

What types of shutters are resistant to warping?

At Guardian Screens & Shutters, we stock two types of shutters: aluminium and thermopoly.

Our power-coated aluminium shutters are a durable product which can be used to protect windows on homes and high-rise buildings. Aluminium shutters are UV, salt and water resistant. They will not warp and decay like wood or PVC overtime even after repeat exposure to moisture. Add in stainless steel componentry, you can be sure your aluminium shutters will last you for many years, especially with our 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Thermopoly shutters from Guardian Screens & Shutters are guaranteed not to warp, crack, chip or split because they utilise a aluminium reinforced ribbing, giving them added strength not available in ordinary PVC shutters. Ideal for high humidity areas, Thermopoly shutters provide the traditional look of timber shutters, without the shortcomings of erosion and warping.

Purchase high quality shutters from Guardian Screens & Shutters

Purchasing shutters made from high quality materials is the easiest way to ensure your shutters don’t warp from harsh sunlight or extreme weather. Because plantation shutters are such a lifetime investment, don’t skimp on quality.

Stocking only the highest quality and most efficient shutter solutions, Guardian Screens & Shutters has been supplying Queensland families with the best shutters for over 25 years. Our team works diligently to ensure that all materials and products are of the highest quality and fit for every home. Our shutters are Australian-made and custom designed.

For more information on our products and installation process, get in touch with our friendly team. Give our office a call at (07) 3808 1308 or send us an email at sales@guardianscreens.com.au to speak with a shutter and screen expert today.

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