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The Subtlety And Ease Of White Shutters

  • Guardian Screens
  • 16 Apr 2020
The Subtlety And Ease Of White Shutters image

White Shutters are in and Here’s Why

Shutters are one of the most effective ways to filter light and control air flow in your home. From the kitchen to the bedroom, shutters are a semi-permanent option for window décor. While there are many colour options for shutters, white seems to be the most popular shutter choice amongst homeowners, but why?

Matches any décor

White shutters effortlessly match any colour palette. Whether your home is filled with bold patterns and bright colours or subdued greys and blacks, white shutters will pair excellently with any design. This timeless option also ensures that no matter what trends appear and disappear overtime, your shutters will match different styles of furniture, complex decorations or period designs.

Brings a bright and fresh ambiance

Creating a balanced and simple freshness, white plantation shutters are an eternal classic. White shutters can make windows appear larger by letting more light seep in and can make a room feel more open by maximising sunlight in your home. Lighter colours also tend to reflect heat, which means in the warmer months, white shutters will help to prevent heat from passing through your home.

Available in a variety of tones

White is a variant colour, meaning its hue is not clearly defined. Shades of white can include yellow hints, such as eggshell and ivory. Or they can be cooler in nature, with a tinge of blue or grey, such as ghost white or white smoke.

White tones can give your home a completely different feel depending on the lighting used in a room. For example, bright lighting and red toned whites can make a room feel warmer and more coastal, whereas grey toned whites can give a room a more modern and sleeker look.

Incredibly durable

White plantation shutters are crafted from durable materials that make them resilient to long-term wear and exposure to water and heat. Thermopoly white shutters are stylish but also offer a practical solution in high humidity areas. They are resistant to moisture, meaning they will not yellow overtime after exposure to wet weather and harsh sunlight. They are also sleek and easy to clean, making them perfect for high traffic rooms across your home. Thermopoly shutters are also available in varying hues of white so you can choose one that matches the rest of your home.

Guardian Screens & Shutters also has its most durable aluminium plantation shutters in two very robust white powder coat colours – Satin White & Satin White Birch. These shutters are made from aluminium and quality stainless steel componentry which enables us to offer a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Shop white shutters at Guardian Screens & Shutters

Whether you choose to go with white shutters or a darker colour, Queensland’s premier shutter provider and installer, Guardian Screens & Shutters, can help you pick the perfect solution for your home. Choose from a variety of materials, sizes and styles. We can help you install shutters to the internal or external sides of your home or even create a secluded pool house out the back.

For more information on our product offering or advice on which white shade of shutters to choose for your home, give us a ring. Get in touch with our friendly team by calling our office at (07) 3808 1308 or send us an email at sales@guardianscreens.com.au. You can also visit our showroom in Kingston, Queensland to see your options in person.

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