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3 Ways to Maximise Sunlight in Your Home

  • Guardian Screens
  • 06 May 2019
3 Ways to Maximise Sunlight in Your Home image

From choosing the right kind of shutters to colour schemes that best reflect sunlight, there are plenty of ways to maximise sunlight in your home. In this article, we explore 3 ways to maximise sunlight in your home.


Mirrors are an achievable and easy way to maximise sunlight in your home. Choosing an appropriate wall or floor mounted mirror and positioning it in a way to reflect sunlight without creating glare will enhance the sunlight in any room.

Mirrored Furniture

You can also achieve this look with mirrored furniture, alongside traditional mirrors.

Pale Colour Scheme

Dark colour schemes tend to absorb light and darken a room, while a pale colour scheme illuminates a room, making it seem brighter and larger. White and pale colours, especially when used alongside metallics, will enhance and reflect colours.


The same should apply to your floors. Choosing a lighter and reflective floor covering, whether that be floorboards or tiles, will maximise the sunlight in your home.

If carpet is a must, consider going with a lighter colour to keep the room feeling bright.


Alongside your pale colours, add dashes of metallic colouring. This will brighten the room. Gold and silver tones are also reflective and extenuate the natural light entering your home.

Matt or Glossy

Keep it matt. Matt surfaces reflect light equally, whereas glossy surfaces can lead to glare – something we want to avoid at all costs.

Window Coverings

One of the easiest and strongest ways to maximise sunlight in your home is through controlling how it enters your home, which is why choosing appropriate window coverings is so important.


Curtains, although elegant and useful, are not versatile when it comes to light control. They can only be open or closed and as such do not offer effective sunlight filters.

However, if you are set on curtains, choose lightweight and neutral. Sheer and cream fabrics will allow sunlight to enter the space while also providing some degree of filter.


Shutters come highly recommended, as they can be adjusted to allow different levels of sunlight to enter a home, whilst also controlling privacy and air-flow.

There are many different types of shutters available, however, plantation shutters are common choices for those who wish to remain conscious of having a warm and light home. This is because these shutters are easy to operate and can be angled in a way that maximises light through windows, while also providing security.

Wide Slate

Whether you are going with blinds or shutters, wide-slat options are recommended.

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