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Common Problems with Wooden Shutters

  • Guardian Screens
  • 28 May 2019
Common Problems with Wooden Shutters image

Wooden shutters, although useful in many homes, can lead to several problems. In this article, we explore different issues that come with wooden shutters, such as fading and needing to repaint and retreat. We also suggest ways to overcome this.

Loose Slats

With time, wooden blinds can have loose slats. This is one of the most common problems you can experience – and also one of the easiest to solve.

Tighten with a Screwdriver

If your slats are loose – and this also works if they are too tight – simply find the screws on each side of the slats and tighten with a screwdriver.

Fading Colours

Wooden blinds are exposed to large degrees of sunlight. Over time, the sunlight distorts the colours and they can begin to fade.


If this is the case, repainting your wooden shutters is a viable solution. You may be able to do this yourself – or you can consider taking them into a store that will repaint and refinish your shutters for you.

The best part about refinishing your shutters is that you can reassess the décor of your home. If it has changed, you can adjust your shutters accordingly so that they never go out of style.

Broken Magnets

In shutters, there are magnets inside the frame which keep the shutters tight and working. Over time, the plastic around the magnets can break, which can be caused by sunlight wearing out the plastic. Alongside this, the magnets simply come undone.

The Solution

If this is the problem you are experiencing, a solution is simple. First, take out the magnet which needs replacing. Contact your local shutter store and ask them if they have any replacements available on hand. If they do, you can arrange a replacement and have your shutters working smoothly again in no time.

Shutters Keep Breaking

Wooden shutters can be prone to breakage, especially in sunny places like Brisbane. This is why many people turn to aluminium shutters as a way of solving the problems wooden shutters present.

Aluminium Shutters

At the end of the day, aluminium shutters offer all the benefits that wooden shutters do without any of the problems that wood as a material presents.

For example, timber degrades over time, especially when faced with sunlight. The colour fades and paint flakes. Aluminium shutters, however, are strong, durable, and don’t require anywhere near as much treatment as wooden shutters do.

Interested in Blinds and Shutters?

While wooden shutters are timeless and classic in your home, they are prone to breakage and fading. Instead of spending time and energy on fixing them endlessly, instead considering investing in aluminium shutters instead.

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