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Can You Install Shutters on Sliding Doors?

  • Guardian Screens
  • 04 Jun 2019
Can You Install Shutters on Sliding Doors? image

Finding shutters for sliding doors is often a challenging task because of the large opening and the sliding functionality of the doors, but it is possible. Plantation shutters are great for these doors. In this article, we explore the use of sliding door shutters.

The Problem

Sliding glass doors present a significant problem to those wishing to use shutters. The task of finding a solution that is more aesthetically appealing, as well as function, can seem daunting.

Custom Shutters

The best way to solve this problem is by investing in custom shutters. Through measurement and deliberation, the problem of width and opening will be solved through custom shutters – and they will be made to fit your doors perfectly.

Plantation Shutters

The shutters which come most highly recommended for sliding doors are plantation shutters.

What are they?

Plantation shutters first got their name from plantation farms that grew coffee, tobacco, cotton and sugar. Due to the climate, curtain furnishings were humid and stifling, and as such, they began to use shutters.

The difference between plantation shutters and normal shutters is a question of width. Plantation shutters have a larger slat size, meaning there are fewer slats per shutter.

Why Choose Plantation?

The larger slat size means that they can let in larger amounts of light while also allowing maximum air flow. They are also easily adjusted, which is important when it comes to both privacy and temperature regulation.

The Materials Available

In the past, plantation shutters came solely in white as the white paint reflected the heat, which kept the home cooler.

Nowadays, it is possible to purchase plantation shutters that come in a variety of materials and colours. These include aluminium, wood and vinyl, all of which come in a variety of shades, finishes and colours.

For sliding door blinds, aluminium shades come highly recommended. This is because over time, sunlight can warp and damage wooden shades, causing them to lose their colour. It can also affect the plastic rods by degrading the plastic and causing it to break.

Aluminium shades are made of a material that is not susceptible to fading due to sunlight, meaning they won’t need refinishing or replacing due to being affected by sunlight.

Custom Plantation Shutters

When installed onto a sliding door, plantation doors create a very elegant and chic look. Depending on your exact needs, it is possible to attach them to the doors so that they glide alongside it when the door is opened.

The track option can also be hidden through decorative coverings.

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