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Installing Crimsafe Windows and Doors on Heritage Homes

  • Guardian Screens
  • 10 Oct 2019
Installing Crimsafe Windows and Doors on Heritage Homes image

Brisbane is home to many heritage homes and Queenslander homes. The charm that these old homes have is a huge draw for many homebuyers, but with old fashioned charm comes old fashioned security measures that do often need to be upgraded. Finding windows, doors, screens, and shutters that not only suit the unique look of these homes, but are secure and easy to maintain, can be a tricky balance to strike. At Guardian Screens, our team is dedicated to helping heritage home owners find windows and doors that keep their family safe without sacrificing the integrity of their older home.

Crimsafe Windows and Doors

Crimsafe windows and doors are easy to install when you work with a trusted team like the one at Guardian Screens and Shutters. All of our windows and doors are tested, stylish, and suited to older homes. It’s not always easy to find what you’re looking for when working with modern homes, and with heritage homes, it becomes even harder.

Our Crimsafe windows and doors are durable and secure to keep your home, belongings, and family safe. They’re 40% stronger than regular products and seven times stronger than is required by Australian Standards. Having them installed in your home is a must if you’re looking for peace of mind and security.

All Styles Available

One of the trickiest parts of finding Crimsafe windows and doors that work for your Queenslander home is finding a colour and style that suits its older charms. With 12 different colours available in a wide range of styles, finding exactly what you’re looking for isn’t difficult. Protecting your home doesn’t mean sacrificing style, and installing security doors and windows is an upgrade that every homeowner should be considering, particularly if your home’s current security measures are outdated.

Maintaining Heritage Status

In order to maintain your home’s heritage status, a few things need to be considered when making upgrades or doing renovations. Your home’s heritage status could affect its value, and it’s important to make adjustments that don’t jeopardize it. Luckily, Guardian Screens and Shutters offers Crimsafe windows and doors that allow your heritage home to keep its status whilst still keeping your family safe.

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