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How Can Plantation Shutters Save You Money?

  • Guardian Screens
  • 16 Mar 2020
How Can Plantation Shutters Save You Money? image

Why You Should Be Using Plantation Shutters on Your Windows

Plantation style shutters do a lot more than provide an aesthetic edge to your home. They carry a range of benefits including keeping your home warm (or cool in hotter weather) and safe. They can also end up saving you a considerable amount of money down the line from furniture replacements to energy costs. Whether you choose to install plantation shutters on your windows, doors or both – there are numerous benefits in doing so.

Prevent sun damage to furniture and rugs

The interior design of your home is likely one of the most cherished parts of your home. Plantation shutters can help protect that by offering an efficient way to shield any room from direct sunlight. They give you the ability to control the amount of light shining into a room by adjusting the angle of the blades. This allows you to protect indoor possessions from fading due to extreme sunlight.

Lower energy costs with added insulation

Thanks to the aerofoil elliptical shape blade, aluminium plantation shutters help prevent the loss of warmth during the colder months.  Blocking any of the cool air transferring through your glass windows into your home means you can spend less money on heating costs.  They also work well in the summer months, decreasing solar heat build-up while at the same time allowing you to adjust ventilation in warmer climates. While you still may have to use air conditioning and heating when necessary, you likely won’t have to use it as often.

Protect your home from damage caused by storms

Aluminium plantation shutters are extremely durable. Made from reinforced aluminium, these shutters can be locked for added protection. Guardian’s shutters have exceeded N5 Wind Rating (up to 274km wind pressure) for floor to ceiling bi-fold shutters which makes them highly suitable for homes and high-rise buildings prone to high wind pressure.

Increase privacy and security

Plantation shutters for windows, doors and even patio enclosures can further amplify your home’s privacy and security. Guardian’s lockable aluminium plantation shutters eliminate the need to install obtrusive security bars. Guardian’s shutters are the only shutter on the market that are certified security shutters which meet Australian Standards AS5039, AS5040 and AS5041. They also allow you to enjoy your home in private, with adjustable blades to control sunlight and privacy.

Proper installation is necessary

If you are considering installing plantation shutters in your home, sourcing a professional service is the best way to ensure maximum usage. Guardian Screens & Shutters has a range of plantation shutters, which are custom-made to fit your home’s specific needs. Work with our friendly team of experts to pick out the perfect plantation shutters for your home, and then organise a time for our team to come by and install our custom-made shutters.

For more information on our products and services, give our office a call at (07) 3808 1308 or send us an email at sales@guardianscreens.com.au.

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