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Feeling the Breeze? How To Install Your Shades Correctly

  • Guardian Screens
  • 25 Dec 2019
Feeling the Breeze? How To Install Your Shades Correctly image

Feeling the Breeze? How We Install Your Shades Correctly

From burglars to the cold breeze, insects and everything in between, regardless of size, there are many unwanted intruders that can sneak in through a poorly installed window screen or shutter. Outdoor window shutters that haven’t been fitted and installed appropriately can let anything enter your home, so Guardian Screens & Shutters is exploring how to choose and install your window furnishings. 

The first step is utilising a team of professionals who will ensure your new screens or shutters have been designed to perfectly complement your space, and they will install them perfectly the first time around. Our custom-track systems have been designed to remove the possibility of your window furnishings being installed incorrectly.

The Benefits of Custom-Track Systems 

Guardian Screens & Shutters design and manufacture our own products. Therefore, we have ensured that our shutters are specifically crafted to fit well and look amazing. The custom-track systems have been designed to minimise the excessive gaps that can be seen in other shutter systems. This is key to removing gaps through which light and air can enter your home. It also assists with bug proofing and preventing water penetration. 

We’ve taken considerable time to design, plan, redraft and test our shutters, achieving a better alignment of the blades, higher durability and uniformity of design across our entire range.  

Our Quality Installation Process 

Getting your screens or shutters installed takes more than grabbing a measuring tape and some screws. It’s a service that we take very seriously. By the end of our installation, the key is to deliver an airtight product that protects your home against rain, wind, insects, and excessive sunlight.  

The Check-Measure Process 

Once your order has been confirmed, we perform one of the most important steps which we like to call our check-measure process. One of our specialists will arrange a suitable time to visit your property and get precise measurements. We will also check if you have any operational requirements, such as which direction the window or door needs to open. 

During the check-measure process, we will take note of any outofsquare openings, dips in the roof or other factors that need careful consideration before we install your new shutters or screens. Our main priority during the installation service is to ensure complete accuracy in everything we do. 

A Perfect Installation Every Time 

Our professional team is fully capable of carrying out both shutter installations and security screen installations with minimal fuss or disruption. We like to treat your home as though it is our own, which is why we are completely respectful when we are there and leave the workstation spotless. We’ll even vacuum the space for you when we’re done. 

If you are looking for a team of professionals to install your outdoor window shutters and screens without leaving gaps for air and sunlight, then the team for you is Guardian Screens & Shutters. Contact us online or by calling 07 3808 1308. 



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