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Why Shutters Are Ideal For Wet Areas Of Your Home

  • Guardian Screens
  • 10 Jan 2020
Why Shutters Are Ideal For Wet Areas Of Your Home image

Why Shutters Are Ideal For Wet Areas Of Your Home 

Rust is one of the most common concerns and issues that Brisbane homeowners have with their window shutters. At Guardian Screens & Shutters, we have approached this problem headon with research, state-of-the-art technology, and a whole lot of trial and error to say goodbye to rust. Keep reading to learn how our shutters are the ideal solution for wet areas of the home, such as kitchens, laundries, outdoor areas, and bathrooms.  

Preventing Rust and Mould in the Bathroom and Laundry 

Shutters in the bathroom and laundry help with security, privacy, bugs and breeze during the winter months. In the past when shutters would rust in wet areas, it would become unhealthy and dangerous to touch because of the risk of injury and infection. Our shutters can withstand splashes and condensation. You can soak in your hot tub and steam up the room to sauna levels, knowing that your shutters will remain as good as new. 

Protection against the Weather in Outdoor Areas 

Strong winds and rainfall can be destructive for external fixtures, which is why you need shutters that are capable of resisting whatever the outdoors throws their way. Their job should cater to home security, temperature and light control, while keeping the home stylish. However, if your shutters buckle, fade, peel or warp, you lose all the attributes you are looking for in your product. This is why we don’t use timber or vinyl; instead, we trust aluminium to do the best job. 

What Makes Our Shutters Ideal for Wet Areas? 

When you’re looking for high-quality window furnishings for wet areas of the home, you want to choose a product that was specifically made for the job. The construction of our shutters make them perfect for wet areas because: 


  • They’re aluminium: Aluminium doesn’t contain iron or steel so it doesn’t rust 
  • They’re powder-coated: Powder-coated aluminium is a beautiful and durable material for outdoor applications and gives it that extra layer of protection required in harsh conditions 
  • They include stainless steel componentry: For accompanying metals, such as hinges and screws, these are all stainless steel, which ensures there will be no weak spots in your shutters as the years go by 
  • They have quality locking systems: Your security is of great importance to us which is why we provide locks that are reliable and resistant to both burglars and the elements 

The Ideal Wet Area Shutters 

Thermopoly Shutters are known as the most durable shutters on the Brisbane market. They are tough as well as visually appealing and have the graceful and elegant look of wooden shutters. Our Polyresin and Poly shutters are ideal for water resistance, meaning they will not only transform your living areas, but your bathroom and kitchen too. And not only this, but they are also fire retardant and made from a solid, non-toxic, recyclable material. 

If you are looking for shutters to not only complement, but play an essential role in your home, get in touch with one of our specialists today who can recommend the best wet-area shuttersContact Guardian Screens & Shutters online or by calling 07 3808 1308. 


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