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Are Aluminium Plantation Shutters Suitable For Your House?

  • Guardian Screens
  • 03 Jun 2015
Are Aluminium Plantation Shutters Suitable For Your House? image

When choosing the best type of shutters, it is not only the name that should determine what to buy. You should be able to clearly define the difference between outdoor and indoor shutters.  You should be well equipped in selecting the right shutters for your home. Despite increasing on the aesthetics that are enhanced by the shutters, it is important to know how to maintain them and understand how they work.

There are different categories of shutters depending on where they are installed. The functional uses should not be influenced by the type of outdoor shutters. The material used should be sufficient in serving the purpose of light control, security enhancement and aesthetics.

Plantation shutters are the old type that is only used for their style because they are more practical in light control and privacy as compared to curtains. In other terms, plantation shutters are blinds. However, there are several makes of these shutters and different qualities and you should be well informed in choosing one. In some cases, they are suitable for use and completely out of order in others.

The inside and outside of a house do not have the same looks and this applies to interior and outdoor shutters.  Maintenance is an important aspect in determining costs both long term and short term. It is striking that plantation shutters as compared to curtains can last for a very long time and require minimal maintenance. This makes it a suitable material in suing for outdoor shutters. Despite being made of wood, they differ in quality and only the best should attract high prices. It is important that you are able to chose and get the right plantation shutter at the right price.

Matching with Eeisting décor 
The choice of plantation for shutters, it is important to choose wisely where to use it either interior or outdoor shutters. Chosen for their aesthetic qualities, plantation shutters are in themselves décor. The décor in the house should not be a source of aesthetic conflict in your home. However, it is important that the shutters match the colours of the décor. Matching colours in a house creates an ambiance of peace and warmth in a home.

As a core function, shutters are supposed to control lighting, the use of plantation shutters are suitable in controlling the amount of light required in a house. Though not commonly used nowadays, they still remain the best option in light control both inside and outside the house. The amount of lighting is also determined by the size of the plantation shutter which is influenced by the window size. The installation process can also determine how much light the shutter is able to control.

Mounting / Installation
The artisan or builder who installs the plantation shutters should be experienced enough to make sure they give the expected picturesque results.  Mounting on the inside gives the shutters a more sleek appearance as compared to installing from the outside.  In addition, the installation determines the longevity of the shutters because poor installation requires constant maintenance which will be costly in the long run.

Though previously thought as outdated, plantation shutters have bounced back in the market but this time mainly for their aesthetic purposes. This does not mean they have lost the normal functions of shutters because they still control light and still offer security when installed.  Considering many people may not have the basics in choosing the right plantation shutters, it is important to shop for information and be equipped on why you should install this type of shutters. You can certainly give us a call as we are a premium company offering the best plantation shutters in town!

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