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Security Shutters Are Better Than Grills!

  • Guardian Screens
  • 05 Jun 2015
Security Shutters Are Better Than Grills! image

When you think of a home make over, security is a crucial factor that is not determined by the size of the house. Over time, aesthetic factors will fade and you can always change the face. However, security is not something you can debate about and should not be compromised for aesthetics.

As a security measure, many people install grills to ward of f intruders. Many grills that are in the market meant for security purposes are metallic and often not appealing. Despite taking a lot of caution, the security apparatus should not be a reason why your house should lose face. Installation of security shutters is a sure solution to both security and radiates some beauty. After settling for security shutters it is important to consider the following.

Do they really work?

On matters security, many people trust security grills because of the make. This is not a surety that intruders cannot get in the house. The shutters can be installed from the outside or internally and they can be operated by a swivel belt, operated electrically or manually.  Each of the operational methods is determined by several factors but the main point is that they should be easy to close or open in case of emergencies.  The security shutters should also have a locking system that enables it to function like a normal shutter while retaining the security function. In contrasting the two, security shutters tops in functionalities because apart from the security aspect, they also serve the normal functions of shutters.

External or internal

The choice of installation, inside the house or outside also influences on the security functionality of the security shutters. When installed from outside, they are a primary barrier in from of the door and can therefore prevent quick entry of intruders. On the other hand when installed from inside, they create an additional barrier to the window and are able to delay intruders as well. However, internal shutters can tell on your presence making it easy for intruders to monitor your movements. The external shutters on their part also give intruders information on your presence.

Door or window

Security shutters can be installed either on window or door or even both. When there is a preference on where to install them, it is important to determine where threats are most likely to come from.  The location of your home is also a determinant on the installation of security shutters.  Where you have story house and the threat of intruders is not very high, it will not be very necessary to install security shutters on the upper windows. However, this is a personal choice because you can choose to have uniformity and install on all windows and doors.

Are they expensive?

Security shutters differ in the materials and the make. These variants are also determinants in the costs. Depending on the intended function, the cost can also go high or vice versa.  Where they are installed on property before purchase of such property, their costs can sometimes be overstated. When compared to security grills, security shutters are comparatively low in cost but this also depends on the quality of the grills.

The choice of grills or security shutters can be influenced by many factors but the ultimate judge is the home owner. Depending on your location, you will be able to determine the reliability of both based on local and on the ground information. On the other hand, it is sure that security shutters rank higher in functionality than grills in man respects. It is also important to get professional information on their reliability on your location before installing them. When you have settled for security shutters, it is possible to have them delivered to your doorstep by a reputable supplier like us!

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