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Setting Up Your Nursery

  • Guardian Screens
  • 07 May 2018
Setting Up Your Nursery image

If you’ve got a child on the way, you know the complicated story about setting up a nursery: Everything must be, at least, perfect. Nothing is too good, and nothing is too much trouble.

The problems start, of course, with the most basic of all issues, where the nursery is situated. Every home has its own lighting and heat issues. In Australia, our summer heat and little ones don’t mix very well. You need to do some planning and thinking ahead about possible issues.

Best practice is to ensure a good mix of natural light and heat and glare protection – air conditioning isn’t enough to solve every issue. Severe glare and solar radiation aren’t good for kids. A room facing directly east or west will receive an abundance of strong light for hours on end. You need equally direct protection from strong light.

Simple Tricks
The easiest way to manage light in the nursery is to use shutters. Modern shutters are excellent. These highly advanced shutters can be adapted and customised to any environment, even problem spaces where you have multiple light sources.

Another issue with creating a nursery is, of course, security. Lockable plantation shutters, security shutters and good exterior shutters will do the trick. One major advantage with these shutters is that they can be easily unlocked if you need an emergency exit on the ground floor, too. These shutters are easily manageable, and the new generation shutters look absolutely fantastic.

You can also use outdoor plantation shutters for enclosed play areas, like patio enclosures, in conjunction with privacy screens for complete security. These new shutters are quite cheap, even for top-quality products.

Finding the Right Shutters
Before you spend a cent, check out the major specialist shutters suppliers in your area. These companies normally have better choices and better prices. If you can find a supplier who also installs, you can take care of your customisation needs as well.

Buying from a store and then getting someone else to install the shutters really doesn’t work. It’s best to deal directly with the suppliers, particularly for such an important job.

The other big advantage of dealing with expert suppliers is that you can get some help with your local lighting issues and on-site environmental factors. They can save you a lot of time, money and frustration. If you’re also doing an upgrade, a “meeting of the minds” can help with solving other problems, too, making it a productive option. Talk to the experts and you may have no problems at all with your nursery and other lighting needs.

Ask Guardian Screens & Shutters
If you’d like some help with your nursery in Brisbane, Guardian Screens & Shutters can help you with beautiful custom shutters. Talk to our experts about your onsite problems and the right security shutters for you. Call (07) 3041 4875 or contact us online and we’ll respond ASAP to your enquiry.

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