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Add Style to Your Home with Plantation Shutters

  • Guardian Screens
  • 21 May 2018
Add Style to Your Home with Plantation Shutters image

Plantation shutters are an old style of shutter; best known in warmer climates. They have become incredibly popular in recent years for their versatility, style, and extremely practical heat and lighting solutions.

One of the reasons for this sudden increase in popularity is modern home design. Modern homes, with their big window spaces, need good scalable coverage at affordable prices. They also need excellent visual presentation values. Plantation shutters are the natural, cost-effective solution for these issues.

Managing Heat and Light
In their traditional roles, plantation shutters are excellent. Every home has its own specific hotspots and lighting issues. A west-facing home, for example, will receive ferocious summer sunlight and heat for at least three months a year. Plantation shutters can easily block this uncomfortable problem while reducing air-conditioning costs as well.

The Privacy and Security Issues
Every home also has its over exposed areas, where homeowners prefer to have built-in privacy options. Lockable plantation shutters act as excellent privacy screens for interior spaces in the same way as exterior privacy screens. This is particularly the case with ground floor spaces incorporating large window areas.

Plantation shutters are the easy solution, combining good presentation with practical values. Security shutters are good all-rounders, delivering shade, security and privacy.

The Style Factor
In modern homes, style can be a major issue. “Style” means more than just a look when it comes to shutters. Shutters are used for security as well as décor. They are also used for privacy and to deal with onsite lighting and heat issues.

Matching style and presentation needs with practical issues is where plantation shutters perform at their best. Modern plantation shutters come in a very broad range of styles, from traditional to the latest smart-looking security shutters. 

The latest window and door shutters are good examples of the versatility of plantation shutters in any environment. They can be used in any environment. They can be used with deadlocks and as good air circulation managers, keeping the heat out and the breeze flowing freely inside. 

Sourcing Your Plantation Shutters 
When you’re looking for plantation shutters, it’s best to speak to a major supplier. These suppliers will have a very broad range of different types of plantation shutters to choose from. This is also the best way to get a clear picture of price and style variations.

Equally importantly, major suppliers can also help with those problem areas. Managing security, light and heat is very much a matter of finding the right solution; this is where major suppliers can provide all the help you need. Your suppliers will be able to provide a good, comprehensive solution for each problem area.

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