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Choosing Shutters for High-Rise Buildings

  • Guardian Screens
  • 29 Apr 2018

High-rise buildings pose special lighting and heat problems for homeowners and property managers. These big buildings may have multiple issues on their east- and west-facing sites, for example. Too much light, too much heat, and multiple problems in different parts of the building add up to significant costs, as well as comfortability issues.

Interestingly, the best all-round solution for these big buildings is the modern version of a very old solution – interior and exterior window shutters. These very straightforward but efficient solutions are easy to install and can be customised for any type of building in all environments.

Australian Shutters for Australian Homes
In Australia, heat and light problems are no joke for homeowners. Anyone who has ever experienced the dubious pleasures of having one side of their home interior hit with direct 40-degree temperatures will know the problems.

Our savage summer heat can drive air conditioning costs through the roof, and deliver real discomfort in exposed areas. This level of heat can also be very unhealthy, causing heat stress. It is no great mystery why Australian shutters, made for Australian conditions, are so popular.

Best practice for homeowners to solve heat and light problems is to get custom shutters made for the problem areas and coordinate the external appearance. This is the easy way to reduce heat and glare, and is also the most cost-effective solution to managing these problems.

The good news for homeowners is that the new modern shutters are excellent solutions, designed for high-rise buildings. They can be installed in any environment, from a basic window shutter solution through to a complex, multifaceted configuration.

The current generation of shutters can be used in a vast range of different environments. These shutters are perfect for all types of users, including external shutters, balcony/patio enclosures and even security shutters where required.

Sourcing Your Shutters
When looking for shutters for a high-rise building, it’s important to remember that you will require custom-fitted shutters. A good fit is important to achieve the best result. Some types of windows may require special attention due to their size, orientation and onsite needs.

The best way to sort your shutters is through a specialist supplier, preferably a market leader. These more upmarket suppliers have the very latest products and have the expertise to provide practical solutions to specific problems. You can get a complete variety of shutters from these suppliers, including lockable plantation shutters, security shutters, patio shutters and more.

The good news for homeowners is that modern shutters aren’t overly expensive; you can get excellent shutters for a good price, custom made to suit your needs. Dealing with a market leader when sourcing your shutters is also an excellent option for getting better prices.

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