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Security Elements In Home Plantation Shutters

  • Guardian Screens
  • 08 Oct 2015
Security Elements In Home Plantation Shutters image

When you hear about shutters, it may sound like something that people add to their homes for decorative purposes. Here is a little history about the shutters. Long before glasses were used, shutters existed the same way holes existed on walls. The purpose of shutters was to provide security. With the creation of glass windows, the function of shutters changed a little bit. Shutters were then used to protect fragile glass windows from elements that would cause instant damage.

As the grade of glass windows improved, shutters became less significant. It became a decorative element for the house that not only added value but also kept the glass windows safe. Even though glasses now exist in high quality form, security shutters offer a better option when you want to maintain glass windows and keep the house safe.

Positioning of shutters

It is important to note that even though shutters play a role in offering security to homes, there are other things that need to fall into place for effective results. Positioning of the shutters determines their effect in enhancing home security. In a case where the windows are too close together, it may be hard to position the shutters in a way that boosts security.

Certain homes have sidings that can make shutters ineffective if not placed correctly. When the house has sidings, the shutters should be placed in such a manner that makes it hard for them to overlap at the corners. Well-positioned shutters make maintenance and functionality easy eliminating the possibility potential damages.

Authentic shutter hardware

The attachment of shutters in the windows goes a long way to determine whether they are authentic and effective enough for security. The fact that shutters do not necessarily have to be functional causes people to pay less attention to attachment method. In that case, you will find homes with shutters that have been wrongly attached using screws.

This is not effective and reliable for security because the shutters can easily be detached when great force is applied. The best approach for shutter attachment involves using operable hardware for shutters such as shutter dogs and high quality hinges. These two elements give the shutters a better look and make it easy for you to clean the shutter. Shutter dogs hold the shutters against the walls and are available in a wide range of designs from various retailers. They are also decorative and assure you of a secure and good looking home shutter.

Shutter material

When considering security shutters, it is paramount to take account of shutter material. Wood shutters are particularly strong and offer a classic look. However, they tend to suffer the worst hit from damage elements such as weather and insects. Vinyl shutters are ideally a good alternative to wood shutters. When picking vinyl shutters, you need to be very careful because they are available in a wide range. It is very easy for you to pick poor quality vinyl shutter that will not last long.

This may not be an ideal option for security. Take your time to get the right vinyl shutter that can hold its shape and color for a long time. Composite shutters that are made of a combination of PVC, fiber-glass and engineered wood also offer a better choice when it comes to strength, originality and durability. Though they vary from one company to another, you can find an ideal composite shutter that can perfectly enhance home security.

It is important to make the home more secure. You can use shutters for security and privacy. As long you have the right type of shutter, you will always anticipate better results and appearance for your home.

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