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5 Creative Hacks That Will Make You Love Your Outdoor Shutters Even More During Winter

  • Guardian Screens
  • 26 Oct 2015
5 Creative Hacks That Will Make You Love Your Outdoor Shutters Even More During Winter image

For most people, winter actually means that they won’t be entertaining too many people at a time. This is due to the space and activity limitations of having to keep your guests indoors. Well, with a great set of outdoor shutters, the outdoors can still work for you in winter. Here’s how you can use outdoor shutters to keep the winds away and make the most of the outdoor locations in your home useful for entertaining even in the cold winter.

Use your verandah

If you have a verandah, it is probably too open for a winter gathering. But this can be fixed. Most verandahs have a half wall around them, meaning that only the top part is exposed. You can cover this up by installing outdoor shutters all around the verandah. When it is windy, you will be able to keep the shutters closed and keep your guests comfortable. And when it gets warmer, all you’ll have to do is open the shutters. What’s more? You’ll be hosting your guests in an indoors environment without really having to have them indoors.

How about an outdoor fireplace

Most people would consider this impossible or even too expensive to maintain, considering how windy it could get in the winter. The reality however is that instead of having the fireplace out in the open, you can have the area completely covered by some stylish outdoor shutters. And while at the fireplace, you can keep the shutters open if it gets too smoky. The beauty of an outdoor fireplace, however is that you will be able to keep your guests warm while they sit with you outside of your house. Also, you get to show off your sophistication seeing how elegant most outdoor fireplaces can be.

The outdoor kitchen

A kitchen in the outside is usually considered different and in some cases, all too bold. But if you love your alfresco experience, you know it’s important to have one of these. During winter, you don’t really have to keep your kitchen activities on the inside, especially if you are having some friends over. Find a way to install outdoor shutters around the kitchen in order to keep away the wind. You will however need to leave some of the shutters open in order to let in enough air. Kitchens generally have to be airy even in winter.

An outdoor living room

Outdoor living rooms are associated with luxury beach houses in some of the most exotic regions in the world. This however doesn’t mean that you cannot have one. An outdoor living room is actually just some space outside your house, until you decide to decorate it and make it a beautiful outdoor extension of your home. Aside for the seating arrangement and fine pieces of décor, add some outdoor shutters that can keep the area warm in winter. These shutters will have to stay open all through the warmer months. But in winter, they will keep that room safe and comfortable for you and your guests.

The patio

Most people like to add curtains to their patios during summer in order to limit the amount of sunlight that gets on to their patio furniture. What if, however, instead of these curtains you get to install some nice outdoor shutters that can be opened or closed at your convenience? These shutters will also be useful during winter when you are trying to keep the area comfortable for your guests.

Outdoor shutters are not just for aesthetics and security or privacy. They are particularly very functional in winter when they can keep you entertained in style all through the freezing months when everyone else is limited to the indoors.

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