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4 Simple Tips To Keep Burglars Away From Your Home Or Office

  • Guardian Screens
  • 29 Oct 2015
4 Simple Tips To Keep Burglars Away From Your Home Or Office image

So, while we’ve been focusing on how to make your home even more functional and beautiful with our screens and shutters, it has come to our attention that most homes today are not really as safe as they should be. Your home security system may be as simple or as complex as you want it to be but it will only serve its purpose if you start paying attention to the details. Here are five things that you should consider doing in order to keep burglars away.

Don’t leave a key under the doormat

Just because you tend to lose your keys does not mean you should be gullible enough to place an extra key under the mat or in a potted plant on your porch. These locations are far too obvious even for a stranger. If you have to let someone into your home while you are away, consider meeting up with them beforehand and giving them the key in person. You could also send the key to them through a trusted courier service.

It’s alright to consider a range of methods except leaving a key where it can be easily found and used to gain entry into your house. As a precautionary measure, consider giving your loved ones their own copies of your key in order to avoid the need for a key under your doormat. You may however have to emphasize that that key is only for use in emergency situations, in order to protect your privacy.

Be a little mysterious on the social media

If you are part of the ‘Instagram’ generation, you probably have developed a habit of documenting all your moves on social media. This makes you very vulnerable to burglars. While it is a fun habit to get your friends jealous by showing them where you are and what you are up to when you go out of town, consider doing this when you get back home. If you must brag, then do it in a more private forum. This will ensure you only get to tell the people that you trust rather than informing the whole world that you are not at home for the whole weekend. Most burglars actually plan successful home invasions using information that is readily accessible on the social media.

Being your ‘brother’s keeper’ is not just about family

Your neighbor is like a proverbial brother in this case, and it is up to you to know them and interact with them on a regular basis. Neighbors have a lot of shared interests, especially with respect to home security protocols, and interacting with them is especially beneficial if you are new in the neighborhood. Your neighbors have the right experience to advice you on what may or may not work for your security system. Also, if they know you they will be able to alert you and the neighborhood security team in case you get some suspicious guests while you are away.

Install good quality security shutters

Some of your windows may need to stay open even at night, for ventilation. This is especially true for your bathroom windows. And considering that you probably won’t even remember to close these windows every other time, it is better you get security shutters that can allow you to get the ventilation that you need, without really having to be exposed. Shutters are also good for the bedroom and other parts of the house that may get uncomfortable if totally locked up. They are rather simple and very beautiful, but they will keep those burglars away.

Recent police reports indicate that burglars are more likely to get into your home if they have a safe way in, meaning an open door or window or a key under the doormat. And while your home security system may be complicated and advanced in technology, a good set of security shutters will go a long way too.

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