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Regulating Your Home’s Temperature Doesn’t Always Have To Involve High Power Bills!

  • Guardian Screens
  • 02 Nov 2015
Regulating Your Home’s Temperature Doesn’t Always Have To Involve High Power Bills! image

If there is one consistent thing about living in Brisbane, it has to be the heat. Being a subtropical climate, Brisbane’s is characterized by warm or hot weather almost throughout the year. This means that your home is probably made for the hot weather. However, some people still have to struggle with the heat due to an attempt to protect the home from both hot and cold weather. Insulated walls come in handy during very cold winters, but for this kind of weather, they can be torture.

So maybe you cannot avoid turning the AC on. And ordinarily this would imply having to spend a fortune on your electricity bills. When it is too hot, your air conditioning works way harder than it should, meaning you get to use way more electricity than usual. Here’s why interior shutters are your best bet in this situation.

They cover the windows effectively

Interior shutters provide that important cover from your windows from the inside. This means that you will be able to keep your windows open all the time, without risking overheating. Usually, you may have to lock your windows at night or when you are going out, for security reasons. With the shutters, however, you can always leave the windows open all through the day as well as at night. This means that even as your AC is working hard to keep the house cool, the hot air is able to leave your house as cool air comes in through the shutters on your open window. Your AC will thus not have to use too much energy to keep you comfortable.

They’re versatile

The shutters come in different designs and colors as well as materials. This means that you get to choose something that not only works in terms of cooling your home, but also compliments the existing home décor. And while most people opt for white shutters to keep the rooms bright, you can always pick anything that you fancy. Also, you don’t always have to settle for a particular material. There are a number of wood, vinyl and aluminum shutters that could just be as effective for your home. In terms of design, you could even pick out shutters that open on one side, or on the top or even at the bottom. This means that it’s all up to you to decide what you actually want from the shutters.

Adequate ventilation at night

If you are particularly conscious about your safety and security, you need to be able to lock your windows at night. In the Brisbane weather, this may not be practical since it only means that your AC will be working overtime while you sleep. With the shutters, you can feel safe enough to sleep without having to worry about burglars or high power bills. Shutters on the bedroom windows are specifically useful since you do not want to be too hot while you sleep. You’ll however have to ensure that you have the right shutters installed as some could come off easily and leave you exposed to burglars and other night creatures. With the right shutters, you won’t have to trade off your security for your savings in power bills.

If you’ve just moved to Brisbane and your home does not have shutters, you need to deal with that first. Try searching for good quality shutters in Brisbane and have them installed before the summer. This is the only way you’ll be able to keep your cool and not break the bank when you get your power bills. Make sure you get the best interior shutters in the market, and have them properly installed since they will be functional as well as for aesthetics.

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