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How To Significantly Improve The Value Of Your Property

  • Guardian Screens
  • 06 Nov 2015
How To Significantly Improve The Value Of Your Property image

Homes are meant to be comfortable, and enjoyable, and if you hope to sell yours one day, then highly valuable tool. This means that you should be able to make frequent improvements that are within your budget and for your benefit too. The key word there is ‘improvement,’ meaning a few changes and touch ups here and there. So, while you may not be able to tear down your current house and build a whole new one, you can give it four simple improvements that will result in a major facelift.

Start with the windows

The windows usually attract so much attention in your house. So when you are looking to make improvements, this is where you should start. You can simply upgrade the windows that you have at the moment in terms of their material, or go for a completely new design. Your choice in this case will determine how much time you need and how much money you’ll spend. Be particularly careful with windows, however, since they are a little tricky for the average DIY fan. Finding some affordable, professional help will save you so much trouble, while giving you many perks including efficiency and warranties among others.

How about your walls?

So, you want a new look for your home, right? Have you considered what a fresh coat of paint on your walls might do? Modern home designs are currently mixing things up in a modest eclectic fashion. You could have a vaguely modern living room and a country style bathroom upstairs. It’s all up to you to make the choice. You could even include some wainscoting or install faux stone walls among other things. Whichever way you go, simply remember to think it through first. You do not want to have your house looking like an afterthought of a bad design class.

Do you mind some additions?

If you still have some space on your property, you may want to consider some additional aspects like a sunroom. This would imply getting a construction contractor since you need some significant calculations in order to construct an extension that could strain your foundation. A sunroom is particularly a delightful addition to your home and it will give you some extra relaxing space to go to during those long days.

You can even get to entertain your friends and family here when it’s too hot indoors. The thing about sunrooms is that all they need is a good frame and the right screens to cover up without locking out natural light. This room can even be used as an extra bedroom when the house gets too crowded. Not only is it beautiful and relaxing, but also comfortable and cozy, especially if you place in the right furniture and décor.

For the love of the outdoors

Patios and decks are yet another opportunity for your home improvement ideas. Have you ever considered enclosing your patio in order to blend your indoors with the outdoors? Well, this is a splendid idea, especially in a warm climate. With a patio enclosure, you are likely to create the illusion of space on your patio while allowing you to be outdoors in an indoor environment.

Enclosing your patio will not only give you the opportunity to actually stay cool and relaxed in an outdoorsy kind of environment while it is actually blazing hot outside. The enclosure will also protect you and your guests from insects and strong winds while adding significant value to the home as a whole.

Home improvements could be very expensive, or they could be very basic and cheap and yet effective. In this case, you can choose the way to go based on the current status of your home and how much you want to spend. At the very least, consider getting patio enclosures for a comfortable summer at home.

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