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10 Impressive Ways To Exploit The Versatility Of Plantation Shutters

  • Guardian Screens
  • 09 Nov 2015
10 Impressive Ways To Exploit The Versatility Of Plantation Shutters image

When you think of a plantation shutter, chances are that you imagine a pretty and sophisticated shutter on your window, right? Well, plantation shutters do look elegant when installed properly on a window. However, there could be so many other ways for you to put plantation shutters to use. Here are ten of the most interesting ones we could think of.

Dividing a room

Plantation shutters are not just more affordable than building a wall when you want to divide a room and make it cozier. They will also add some style and sophistication into that room, bringing in a whole new angle in its overall design. With the right shade of paint, your plantation shutters will serve your way better than any wall would have.

Install as a closet door

Well, we all need to get out of the closet and try new ideas every once in a while. If your closet is rather boring, consider installing plantation shutters as a door. These are not only impressive but also very stylish and generally different. And here, different is really good.

Cover those weird shaped windows in the bathroom

Just because you have a round or oval windows in your bathroom doesn’t mean they cannot be covered up for more privacy. You can get plantation shutters in many different shapes. All you have to do is be specific in your order.

Make a cute headboard

This struck me as the most amazing hack for plantation shutters. And I must admit, they make some very beautiful headboards too. Remember to paint them in a cheerful color, although the popular white seems to work well with some bedroom décor.

Create a vertical garden

This is especially impressive if you love plants and flowers. If you open the slanters a little bit you’ll be able to organize a few plants and create tiers of plant life. This is particularly beautiful in the living room and the kitchen.

Better yet, make a planter

You can use for plantation shutters to create one very beautiful planter. Try and open the slanders here too, probably by filling them with stones so that some of the plants can peek out. This will create a very pretty effect. Remember to paint the shutters well too. Colors are always a big deal in home décor.

Organize your mail

If you hang a plantation shutter on a wall in your living room or kitchen, you will be able to organize your mail by inserting them into the slanters. This means you won’t have to deal with stacks of mail lying around somewhere in your house. It also looks good, especially if you give the shutters a nice coat of paint first.

Make a kitchen island benchtop

This seems a little too interesting. Take two plantation shutters and use them as bases for a kitchen island, whether you prefer marble or granite or any other alternative in the market. This will look pretty and it’s functional too.

Doors for your cabinets

If done in the right color, you will love your cabinets after this. It will need some time, though, especially if you are not quite the DIY guru yet.

Pendant lamp cover

This is the cutest of them all. Join for beautiful plantation shutters and use them to cover a lamb. You can even attach a hanger if you want the pendant look. What’s more, you can adjust the light by playing around with the slanders.

So next time you look at plantation shutters, don’t just think of your windows. Think limitless opportunities, especially for DIY challenges around the home. And just so you know, these ideas are not exhaustive. You can always come up with more ideas if you spend enough time around the house.

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