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Drawing The Line Between Vinyl And Wood Plantation Shutters

  • Guardian Screens
  • 03 Oct 2015
Drawing The Line Between Vinyl And Wood Plantation Shutters image

When trying to find the best shutters for your home, you may pay too much attention to the price. Sometimes it is vital to stop for a moment and look at other factors such as performance and style. These are some of the essential factors that come into play when you want to distinguish wood plantation shtters from vinyl shutters.

You can tell a plantation shutter by looking at its structure. It has louvers that allow air and light to enter into the house while assuring you of privacy and security. They are particularly used for outdoor purposes and can serve the purpose of decoration or offer full-service by protecting glass windows from heavy storms and other things that may damage it. On the flipside, vinyl shutters have become more popular over time as they offer good options to homeowners.

Strength and size

Wood plantation shutters have a natural look as they come from nature. That means that they have natural strength as compared to vinyl. In that case, you can have wood plantation shutter in a wide variety of size and designs. Size and design are two essential factors that limit the application of vinyl shutters.

First, vinyl shutters can only go up to a certain measurement as regards thickness. It cannot exceed the limit because of its weak state. Therefore, you cannot access a wide range of vinyl plantation shutters with regard to design and size. Even for smaller windows, size limitation still renders vinyl shutters unreliable because they still require additional divider rails and any other mechanism for support. Moreover, addition of support mechanisms interferes with the original look of shutters resulting in a less appealing look. For particularly large windows, you should choose wood plantation shutters.

Environmental damages

There are environmental factors that affect plantation shutters. Vinyl plantation shutters do well in moist areas. Therefore, you will find a good number of basements, kitchen and bathrooms with vinyl shutters because they are not susceptible to areas with high humidity. That means that despite changes in the level of humidity, vinyl plantation will hardly swell, warp or even peel off as a result. This is not the case with wood plantation shutters that are highly susceptible to moisture. Wood shutters are ideally stronger than vinyl but their vulnerability makes them a less optimal choice for high humidity areas. In addition, certain insects are a threat to the wood especially in exterior applications. Vinyl shutters are immune to all these factors.

Finish quality

This is one of the areas that need your full attention when you want to buy new shutters for your home. Although vinyl shutters may be designed to look just exactly like wood plantation shutters, there is a distinguishable look between the two when you examine vinyl closely. It is much easier to tell the difference between wood plantation shutters and some vinyl shutters by looking at each of them closely. The wood offers a classic and retro-themed look that cannot be matched by vinyl. Therefore, it is advisable to ask retailers for different models of plantation shutters when you want to compare wood plantation shutters and vinyl shutters.

Color option and cost

Vinyl shutters are limited when it comes down to hues and shades. They cannot be stained, painted or be refinished. In most cases, they are merely available in neutral shades. This may limit you when you want a shutter that complements your décor. On the other hand, wood plantation shutters in Brisbane make it easy to work with your home décor as they can be stained, refinished and painted. In addition, they also come in a wide variety of colors. Regarding cost, vinyl plantation shutters are cheaper than wood plantation shutters.

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