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Do You Know That Home Patios Can Be Comfortable And Appealing?

  • Guardian Screens
  • 28 Sep 2015
Do You Know That Home Patios Can Be Comfortable And Appealing? image

Installing a patio at home is an ideal way of adding beauty and utilizing space. Patios make the home exterior look wonderful. Coupled with nicely maintained garden, the patio makes your home complete. It is therefore a place of comfort where you can relax when you need time to yourself. You can also spend time with relatives or entertain friends.

Although this is the case, there are elements that may hinder your comfort, relaxation and enjoyment. Too much sunlight, cold weather, insects and other unpleasant things can easily become a nuisance. That is why you need a patio enclosure to keep all these nuisances at bay. Patio enclosures in Brisbane are home extensions that give you an outdoor living space for comfort and relaxation by closing off patio areas to keep away elements of nuisance.

Why they make great choices for your home

A patio enclosure is a great choice for your home because of a number of reasons. First of all, patio enclosures add value and beauty to your home. Survey on home sales indicates that many potential homebuyers are now paying more attention to homes with patio enclosures. This means that when you want to sell your home, you will be able to sale it a better price and faster rate if you have a patio enclosure.

In addition, when you consider the cost of adding an extension to your home and the cost of installing a patio enclosure, you will realize that less is spent on a patio enclosure. Patio enclosures can be used as family living room, dining room, kids playing zone or for all these purposes at the same time. In a patio enclosure, you can get natural light that is known to reduce stress levels boosting your health.

It also gives you an easy option to cut down on bills as you do not require artificial light. A good number of modern patio enclosures come with features that facilitate effective and efficient ventilation without consuming energy.

Patio enclosure options for your home

When looking for an ideal patio enclosure, you will come across different types. These types of patios include screen patio enclosures, glass patio enclosures, sunrooms, aluminum and vinyl patio enclosures. The sunroom tends to be a more substantial structure because in some instances, it is built using house construction materials.

However, it consists mostly of windows that create a perfect outdoor look. Thus, it completely protects you from unfavorable weather changes and other elements. Glass patio enclosures and screen patio enclosures are the types that you will find popular in the market. Screen patio enclosures are significantly less costly as compared to glass patios. They are particularly useful when you want to shield yourself from mosquitoes and other insects.

However, they are less effective when the weather changes as they cannot protect you from wind and rain. It is therefore only suitable for warm climate. On the other hand, glass patio enclosures offer you more protection from all these elements and give your home aesthetic value. Essentially, they cost more than screen patios.

There are two types of glass patios – three-season patios and all-time patios. As you may guess, it will cost you a little less to acquire three-season patios that merely cover you from spring to fall. All-time patios are ideal for all the seasons assuring you of maximum protection, low energy cost and full-time comfort despite weather changes. This is because they are made of double-paned glasses that keep you warmer in cold weather and cooler in hot weather.

The other popular patio enclosure choices are aluminum and vinyl. A vinyl patio is particularly ideal as it is maintenance-free, durable and mold-resistant. It is available in a number of colors and can be made to appear like a metal. Aluminum is just as durable and costs less.

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