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6 Super Ways To Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space

  • Guardian Screens
  • 06 Apr 2015
6 Super Ways To Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space image

If the outdoor living areas need a new look, then there are many ways you can explore so as to upgrade your landscaping, patios or even decks. And you do this to add to the aesthetics of your own home, whether you are looking to boost its value or just make it a better haven. Below are six great ways you too can upgrade your outdoor spaces:

Perk up your patio with pavers
This is one of the greatest options for upgrading your outdoor. Use concrete pavers to perk up your patio. A good thing about these pavers is that they are moderately priced and come in wide range of sizes, colours and shapes. And they are easier to repair than other slab options. If for instance one of your pavers is stained, you can choose to replace it at affordable price or just turn it over

Furnish for less
So you want to have a place to sit on your newly installed patio? You may want to consider the ready to assemble furniture. This is a cheaper option as compared to the prebuilt furniture. This is true because the manufacturer does not need to pay someone for them to assemble the pieces, so the cost savings are passed on to you.

Invest in a patio enclosure
This can be a great addition to your outdoor space. Apart from affording shelter from the weather elements, a patio enclosure creates a great space that allows for outdoor or indoor seating or even sunbathing. And there are many options to go for when upgrading your outdoor with a patio enclosure. All you need is to consider your budget, what the patio is meant for and perhaps, your own personality. You will know what option to go for if your concern is privacy. The same is true if you want to have a space that allows your family to sunbathe or to have a shaded relaxation. And your home improvement company can assist you in selecting something that will work for the kind of outdoor space in your home.

Plant a rain garden
You should note that rain gardens are an eco-friendly option. They help in diverting water away from hardscape elements or your house, and bring it to your trees and plants, as well as other areas that need it. You can choose native plants because they are adapted to water, the soil and also climate conditions.

Make a splash
Because your landscape still needs a little something, you may want to add a water feature in order to create a great focal point. You may want to go for column fountains that are made from fiberglass and reinforced with concrete because they are easy to install and maintain. And that is not all about the rock column fountains; they are also safe for your children because there is no standing water.

Improve the landscaping around the patio
You want to plant shrubbery and flower beds, and also add mulch so as to separate the patio areas from the grass. Your patio will not only look larger, but also it will have definition and great texture. Just check which plants will work in your region in order to have better results. And you can also get hanging baskets for the patio. All you need is to find a good location to hang them.

As you can see, there are just many ways that you can use to upgrade your outdoor. You can even have a combination of them in order to make your home a true haven. Are you interested in investing in patio enclosures? You can contact us at Guardian Screens & Shutters and we will advise you on what is best for your patio.

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