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4 Ways To Protect Your Home From Cyclonic Winds

  • Guardian Screens
  • 08 Apr 2015
4 Ways To Protect Your Home From Cyclonic Winds image

Weather elements are destructive but a hurricane cannot be talked about much. Once it hits, it leaves everything in disarray. As a homeowner, you need to make sure that your home is protected not only from burglars but also from harsh weather conditions like a hurricane. A good way would be upgrades and retrofit solutions because those who have tried them can attest to their benefits. And you can give different varieties a shot to make your home even safer. Below are simple ways to help you secure your home before a hurricane hits:


There are three different approaches you can use to secure your windows from destructive hurricane. You may want to go an extra mile and get the impact resistant windows. These ones come with extra framing and glazing which sandwiches plastic laminate layer between layers of glass. A good thing about this option is that when hit by any projectile, the glass can even fracture but no projectile will penetrate through. Although this option might ask for a few extra bucks, it is perhaps the best when it comes to protecting your home from the hurricane.

The second option would be the shutters. You can go for shutters that are either manually or motor driven and can come in as swinging, accordion or even roll-down style. Today, even impervious fabric ones come in handy too for protecting windows. And because they have to be moved or activated into place, these systems provide active protection.

The last option is the use of plywood boards that are attached with concrete screws. Although they also call for some few bucks, they are also a great option when it comes to providing a built in hurricane protection. Your home needs to be protected from harsh weather and sometimes you may have to go with any of the available options. This option may also require a significant installation activity, but it is worth consideration.

Garage doors

You don’t need to ask a friend, if you have ever experienced a hurricane, you already know that flimsy doors provide an inroad for the destructive high winds that do nothing else but destroying homes. You are advised to install code approved doors with stanchions that are known to hold the frame to the ground and also to the header. And this is a good option especially if you go for the labelled products. You can easily tell which ones are code-approved and which ones are not.

Safety straps

Most contractors are now expanding on the straps that have long been used to help mobile homes to the ground. They do this by creating straps that will tie down low rise homes. However, caution should be taken when trying the straps on three or even two story designs. A good thing about straps is that they can also be applied in renovation applications and still end up giving results. The straps can be used in certain specific spots so as to bolt the floor to the foundation during renovation.

Safe rooms

It could be a bit tricky to retrofit into homes, but more and more homeowners are increasingly getting interested in creating secure rooms, and more so, in basement-less homes. You can convert a large closet or small bedroom by removing your walls and adding a concrete wall with a small slab roof and also a steel door. And you can even apply security straps to small rooms on all sides so as to secure them. This can even add more strength to all of your rooms.

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