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Plantation Shutters Are Your Best Window Treatments For Energy Savings!

  • Guardian Screens
  • 27 Apr 2015
Plantation Shutters Are Your Best Window Treatments For Energy Savings! image

Climate change is affecting many people around the world. One of the manifestations of this is changing weather patterns, some parts of the world becoming much hotter than they used to in the past. As a result, many office and home owners are now interested in ways of keeping their premises cool without spending too much money.

One of the methods of doing so that many might not think about is the use of planation shutters. Part of the reason why most people don’t think much of them as an energy saving feature in a home is the fact that they usually have a very simple design.

Plantation shutters are an all-round option

Part of the reason why planation shutters are such a good option for energy savings is the fact that they are an all-round option. During the winter, they act as insulators to reduce the amount of heat lost from the house into the environment. As a result, they reduce your heating costs in the winter.

In the summer, the planation shutters provide excellent ventilation. As a result, you won’t need to use your air conditioner as much. Once again, this provides an excellent way for you to save money on your cooling costs.

What are your options?

For excellent cooling and insulation, the full height shutters are an excellent choice. They provide the most control over how much heat comes in and out of the home at any one time. In addition to that, they also provide the ultimate aesthetic effect. Full height shutters come in many designs including those that allow you to control the top and bottom louvers independently of each other.

Wooden planation shutters are considered to be most ideal for people keen on energy savings. Wood is one of the best insulators out there, resulting in excellent heat retention during the winter.

The wide variety of designs and features in planation shutters means that whatever your taste, you can always find a type that will appeal to you. It’s important that you shop extensively and from stores that have a wide range of products on offer to get an idea of this. Consulting online facilities is also recommended, since it allows you to go through huge listings in a short amount of time. You will be able to quickly find planation shutter designs that suit you within a very short time.

The numbers

While it’s obvious that using planation shutters can help you save on energy costs, what is the actual cost/benefit ratio you will achieve from making this move? Statics show that you can save up to 20% of your energy bill by switching to planation shutters. When you combine this with other measures including using more energy efficient equipment, you could conceivably halve your total monthly energy costs.

There is also the potential to gain from rebates and tax credits.  In some parts of the country, you can get these benefits and more by using more energy efficient systems, of which planation shutters are some of the best. In the end, the total savings you will make in the long run will be much higher than how much you spend on the shutters in the first place.

In summary, there are many compelling reasons why you need to get planation shutters if you are keen on the environment and want to reduce your energy costs. They might seem like a very simple addition to the home, but the cumulative effect they will have on aesthetics and practicality will be huge. No wonder they are becoming a more popular window treatment option for both corporates and individuals.

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