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How Can You Enhance Natural Light Indoors?

  • Guardian Screens
  • 04 Apr 2015
How Can You Enhance Natural Light Indoors? image

Today, almost everyone in the world spends about 90% of their time indoors. It could be at home or in other interior venues. And it almost seems that most people tend to avoid sunlight because overexposure is known to cause issues such as damage to the skin and the likes. But people don’t know that underexposure comes with its disadvantage too.

The benefits of the sunshine are simply outstanding; it improves sleep quality, eases depressions and increases energy among other things. Because of this, you too need to invite more daylight into your home or office. Below are some of the suggestions that can help you enhance natural sunlight indoors:

Skylights and windows

One of the best and easier ways to boost natural light in your room is to add windows. In fact, if the windows are carefully located, you will instantly brighten your rooms. And skylights come in handy too; apart from being aesthetic additions to your home, they make the room brighter and also provide the feeling of spaciousness.

Glass doors

You can also replace the solid doors with a glass door so as to add more light to your home. And apart from the light aspect, glass doors also make the interior space to have a more spacious feel. One thing you should take note of is that both interior and exterior interior doors can work wonders when it comes to inviting more natural light into the house and also add a touch of aesthetics to the home’s décor. Interior doors, especially allow more light to pass to the adjoining room that has fewer windows. And if privacy is your concern, you may want to go for the frosted doors.


Did you know mirrors can work wonders when it comes to enhancing natural light? Although it can be a bit expensive, the use of mirrors is one of the effective ways if you are looking to disperse sunlight. Not only do mirrors reflect light, they also make a small room to appear larger than it is. You may want to consult interior designers on how and where to locate your mirrors in order to get better results.

Window coverings

Why not regulate outside light with one or a combination of window coverings? Indoor plantation shutters can work wonders when it comes to regulating outside light. All you need to know is that each of these coverings has unique characteristics, so they can be a good or bad fit for different types of windows. The indoor plantation shutters in particular are known to be the best because they are effective when it comes to governing all volumes of light. If you want to fully darken your room for privacy or rest, then all you need is to close the louvers. And for maximum access you can have the plantation shutter panels swinging open to the side of your window.


In order to invite even more light into your space, you need to remove barriers outside or inside of your home that could be preventing daylight from entering your structure. All you need to do is to trim or remove shrubs and trees that act as an obstacle. There are many other techniques that you may want to explore. If you are looking for plantation shutters so as to add to the aesthetics of your home or simply to invite more natural light into your house, then contact us at Guardian Screens & Shutters. We have a wide range of them to ensure that there is always something for everyone. We will be pleased to work with you.

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