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Why Aluminium Is Better Than Wood For Patio Enclosures

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  • 01 Dec 2014

In most cases, patio enclosures are built with the same materials that are used in the original home’s construction. In the past, wooden materials were widely used to build these home additions but have been replaced today by aluminium. Aluminium possesses a great deal of advantages to a homeowner and they will be explained later in the article. Patio enclosures are versatile and very functional spaces that can be transformed into an entertainment room, a living room extension and many more. If you are considering building a patio enclosure, you should read on to learn more about this awesome material.

Understanding the problem with wooden materials

Common options for a patio enclosure include wood. Although that has been choice of many homeowners, they were not aware of its long-term disadvantages. Wooden materials are prone to getting weathered by the elements, eventually becoming rotten or split. On the other hand, aluminium provides its patio structures a lasting appearance for the exterior as well as its structural integrity.

If you are still insisting on wooden patio structures today, perhaps the advantages of aluminium can change your mind.

Sell your home for a better price

Structures containing aluminium tend to add value to your home in the long run, due to its sleek characteristics, durability and structural integrity. Also, you increase the square footage as well as the value of your home when you add additional structures such as a patio enclosure. These enclosures or sunrooms have always been ranked as one of best ways to increase your home’s value, as advised by experienced brokers and realtors.


Unlike wood, household aluminium burns at over 3826 degree Celsius, and that makes it an effective fire resistant material. However, one should note that aluminium still melts and can transfer heat very well so it is not a fail-proof solution to fire spreading. But it buys the family enough time to get to safer grounds until emergency assistance arrives.

Reduce the risk of facing an insect problem

A number of owners have complained that they faced certain bug problems from time to time in their wooden patio enclosures. Termites are one of the wood-destroying insects and they can literally eat away your structure, which affects the structure’s integrity and causes a safety hazard. With aluminium enclosures, homeowners will not have to worry about such a problem for most cases.

Resistant to excess moisture

With this top quality material, you can situate your patio enclosure to almost any environment. For example, you can build your enclosure next to your pool, a hot tub or even a warm and humid yard. Unlike aluminium, these locations tend to have adverse effects on wooden structures. Wood is susceptible to rot, dry rot, corrosion and peeling, thus becoming brittle and easily warped.

Great deterrent to potential house burglars

Rotten wood can be easily broken apart and this becomes an easy target for potential crimes to take place. Aluminium on the other hand has the appearance of steel, and steel gives strangers the impression of a sense of impenetrability. Burglars do not want to waste their time trying to break through multiple layers of structures just to get into the main area of your home. Thus, your patio enclosures should also be fitted with aluminium plantation shutters for extra security.

Ease of maintenance

Aluminium patio enclosures are made to last throughout its years of service and require virtually no maintenance at all. However, the maintenance costs for aged wooden structures tend to stack up from year to year, quickly becoming a burden for any homeowner.

If you are in need of ideas for a patio enclosure, feel free to give us a call. At Guardian Screens and Shutters, we provide some of the best shutters and enclosures to create your dream living space, both outdoors and indoors.

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