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Top Benefits Of Privacy Screens: Conceal Areas Around Your Home In Style

  • Guardian Screens
  • 02 Dec 2014
Top Benefits Of Privacy Screens: Conceal Areas Around Your Home In Style image

Do you have an area that you want the best in privacy within your patio? Are passers-by able to see your garden from afar? While more homes are squeezing to create more room for new developments, residents are now living closer to their neighbours than before. Thus, many individuals who value their privacy invest in many ways to conceal their property without affecting its original aesthetic. One way is to use privacy screens and they come with a multitude of benefits. Some of the main benefits are:

Maintain required level of privacy

All homeowners share a common goal when they choose to install privacy screens in their homes, and that is maintain their desired level of privacy between neighbours and other residents living within the immediate radius of their home’s estate. If you wish to obscure your garden or home from anyone who walks past your property, including the relatives and friends of your neighbours, then installing privacy screens around your property boundaries makes valid sense. As long as you feel uncomfortable when foreign eyes are watching you from afar, privacy screens allow you to continue your daily routines without being overly conscious of what others think of you.

Create a peaceful and quiet covered area

Privacy screens offer homeowners more than just an extra layer of privacy, it also helps to make the covered area a serene place to relax, unwind or even work. Homeowners get to enjoy working in their gardens in peace or roam around their homes without neighbours popping their heads over the fence to spark a random conversation every now and then. Homeowners can also transform their peaceful and quiet areas into a place for yoga or meditation. Individuals can also complete their side projects in a larger and undisturbed area as compared to the limited confines within one’s home.

Variety of looks to suit different homes

The variety of privacy screens is aplenty and they can come in many different colours, materials, textures, styles and designs. If the screens are chosen correctly, it can easily improve your property’s overall aesthetics as well as its monetary value. At Guardian Screen and Shutters, we have more than twenty years of experience and expertise to provide you the best privacy screens you need. You can choose from four of our top privacy screen designs; one of them is the closed blade design, which offers you 100% blockage of sunlight and the highest level of privacy, while maintaining air flow.

Increases your home’s resale value

If you have a patio or swimming pool next to your house, a privacy screen can do wonders for you. The installation of a privacy screen is fast and it automatically transforms your outdoors into a shaded and cosy area. Apart from that, one of the most important benefits of this addition is the increment of your home’s resale value. Basically the ROI or Return on Investment rises up to 80% in most cases. So while you enjoy the added benefits of a privacy screened pool, your home has another unique selling point to boast when you decide to put it on the market in the future.

Adds an additional play area for your kids

Every home should have a safe outdoor area for children to play and get some fresh air. However, rainy weather may prevent that from happening. So installing privacy screens can help to protect that area (most installations are done right outside one’s back patio door) from pouring rain and your kids can still go outside to play at anytime in a closed and safe environment. This is because the privacy screens feature adjustable blades to fend off the raindrops from getting in.

What’s more, the privacy screens that we provide can be powder coated with a wide range of Dulux colours. So you never have to worry about any screens not matching your home’s exterior!

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