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What You Can Do With an Extended Patio or Living Area

  • Guardian Screens
  • 14 Jun 2016
What You Can Do With an Extended Patio or Living Area image

Renovations and home extensions can be an incredibly exciting process, allowing you to stamp your unique individuality onto your own home. By extending certain parts of your house to create new rooms and areas you are able to have a greater range of potential set ups with guests, while also creating a fresh living space in day to day life. One way to construct these sorts of extensions is by installing aluminium shutters to create new rooms inside or outside your house.

At Guardian Screens and Shutters, we have a great passion for everything in the realm of home improvement. That is why we have compiled a list of different options for you to consider when making home extensions.

Patio Extension

Create a new outdoor living space and immerse yourself in the world of alfresco dining and entertainment. By installing aluminium plantation shutter enclosures in the area outside your backdoor, you could create an outdoor patio perfect for barbeques and other great social events. This design works by erecting retractable shutters just outside your backdoor and creating a contained space that doesn’t even feel like your own home. This patio design also can be closed in the event of poor weather conditions, meaning guaranteed protection from all the elements. Alternatively, you could install aluminium sliding doors to create a space where you can float between inside and outside during social gatherings.

Create Your Very Own Outdoor Man Cave

 For the gentleman of the house who wishes some time to himself every once and a while – and don’t we all – we can also suggest crafting your very own man cave. By simply installing plantation shutters in an outside shed or garage, you could transform an old, unused area into a specialised area for whatever you desire. You could have fantastic aluminium shutters in place in order to shield the sun and ensure absolute privacy whenever you enter your personalised man cave.

A Little Something for the Kids

 House extensions aren’t only for the adults of the house. If you have little ones who love to play outside but are always finding themselves in a spot of trouble, why not create their very own outdoor play area. Simply open up a part of the house into the outdoor area of your home and blockade it with some lovely aluminium shutters to craft an area that is safe for your child while still allowing them to experience the elements. This would be absolutely perfect for any curious child.

Guardian Screens and Shutters specialises in providing advice and shutter solutions for a wide range of different homes across Brisbane. We supply and install shutters, privacy screens and much more. To find out more about our great range, simply contact us today.

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