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Keeping Warm this Winter with Shutters

  • Guardian Screens
  • 21 Jun 2016
Keeping Warm this Winter with Shutters image

Shutters are a must have in any home or workplace for a variety of different reasons. From controlling the amount of sunlight in a room to ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones, shutters provide many great benefits. However, there is one unique trait which is often overlooked; the ability of shutters to insulate a home.

At Guardian Screens and Shutters, we take great joy in educating people about our products and anything to do with shutters and blinds. Read on to find out more about how plantation shutters can be used to keep you warmer this winter.

Heat Loss Leads to a Chilly Abode

During winter, the reason why your house gets so icy, even with the use of a heater or a fire, is heat loss. Heat escapes through gaps and cracks in the house, however, this is not the main source of heat loss in the winter time. The biggest culprit that leaves your house in a wintery freeze is in fact glass windows and doors. Glass absorbs heat thanks to a series of different thermal reactions. Without getting too bogged down in the detail, the end result is that glass absorbs heat from a space and allows it to pass outside. This process is a large reason why winters can be so brutally harsh, even with added layers of clothing and wooden logs on a fire. The solution to this problem is quite simple; aluminium shutters.

Shutters as Insulation

There is a direct correlation between the amount of glass windows and doors in a house and how cold that house is. The good news is, this means there must be a way to cancel out the effect that glass has. Aluminium plantation shutters are the perfect solution and can be effectively used as a tool against awful winter weather. Plantation shutters and aluminium security screen doors can work as insulation by creating a barrier between the harsh weather of the outside world and the inside of a home. In addition, you won’t have to worry about overheating in summer as you can simply open the blinds to let cool air pass through. Having this kind of thermal insulation installed in your home is a sure fire way to rest comfortably at night, while also getting access to the many untapped benefits of shutters and screens.

Insulating Benefits of Guardians Aluminium Blades?

Guardian’s Shutters use a special aluminium aerofoil blade, which means that underneath the nice powder coated finish there is 2 air pockets.  These air pockets help a great deal in regards to insulation; in fact it works well in both summer and winter.  As the inside or outside changes temperature the air pockets never heat up or cool down enough to transfer through.A great way to keep your energy bill down is by opening your shutters during the day and letting the winter sun pour through, as soon as the temperature and sun drops, close the shutters & blades and your house will now retain the heat.

Alternatively in summer use the shutter blades to block the sun out during the day & retain the cool air-conditioned environment from escaping through your glass windows.

Guardian Screens and Shutters are available to help you insulate your home in Brisbane today. Contact us to find out more about our huge range of shutter and screen options.

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