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Using a Shutter as a Room Divider

  • Guardian Screens
  • 05 Dec 2017
Using a Shutter as a Room Divider image

Did you know that you can use a shutter as a stylish way to divide rooms in your home or office? It has visual aesthetic and functional appeal when done correctly. Read on as we show you how you can achieve the look. No need to tear down any walls – do it DIY, cheap and efficiently!

Transform a Space with a Shutter Room Divider

Most people associate shutters with windows and doors given they are most commonly used for these purposes. However, shutters also make great room dividers that can totally transform a space. Just as the name states, a room divider will separate spaces in a room by forming a clearly defined boundary. The boundary should be neat and tidy and you should clearly see what each space is dedicated to.

Why Use a Room Divider? 

A room divider gives the complete sense of separation that you need to create space without renovations.  Using shutters as room dividers eliminates the labour and cost of an extension or permanent divider. Hence, it’s a cheaper option free of mess and inconvenience. Shutter dividers can be refinished to suit a room’s decor and are available in a range of sizes and designs, meaning you can personalise them to your own sense of style, right down to the colour.

Some fantastic reasons for using a shutter as a room divider include:

  • creating a quiet space for children to do homework
  • separating a work area from a rest area
  • dividing a kitchen and dining area
  • setting up a peaceful sanctuary, like a mediation or yoga space
  • having an area just for physical exercise and stretching
  • a writing and reading area
  • an arts and crafts area
  • setting up a home bar
  • creating a changing room near a pool or spa
  • adding privacy to any space

What Style Should I Choose?

When it comes to shutter dividers various styles are available, such as:

  • full height solid panel – this gives you full coverage of the area
  • tier-on-tier  – you have the option of only partly opening the shutter
  • bi-fold shutters –  these fold back against the wall
  • bi-pass shutters – these slide either in front or behind each other

Consider Aluminium Shutter Dividers

Aluminium shutters are a popular choice for many homes and businesses in Brisbane. They are manufactured to the highest industry standards and have an attractive finish, meaning they won’t look out of place. They combine elegance with functionality, are easy to clean and are extremely durable. They can immediately transform a large or small room into two separate private spaces.

Shutter room dividers are affordable, sturdy and attractive. They are an ingenious way of creating that extra room and space in your Brisbane home or business. For more great tips and information on shutters, don’t hesitate to contact Guardian Screens and Shutters today!

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