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A Touch of Luxury with Window Shutters

  • Guardian Screens
  • 05 Dec 2017
A Touch of Luxury with Window Shutters image

Window shutters are much more than mere furnishings for your windows. They can improve the overall design and add a touch of luxury to your home. Keep reading on to learn more about window shutters and what they can do for the appearance of your home.

Inside out – the Anatomy of Window Shutters

Window shutters are a stylish selection of both exterior and interior window dressings.  They are solid and stable coverings, usually consisting of a frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails (top, centre and bottom). They are commonly also known as plantation shutters, internal shutters or even shutter blinds. Due to their elegance and practicality, they have become increasingly popular amongst homeowners in Australia.  They suit any type of window and come in several different styles, such as:

What are the Benefits of Window Shutters?
Homeowners across Australia are noting the many benefits of window shutters, including an improved level of:

  • security
  • privacy
  • ventilation
  • sun protection
  • insect deterrent (due to optional flyscreens)
  • appearance

Make your Home Stylish and Luxurious with Shutters
Every good designer knows that certain principles and rules must be followed in order to achieve the best possible look. When it comes to adding luxury to your home with window shutters, consider the following points.

Choose the Right Shutter Design and Colour
Similar to picking your wardrobe, it’s important to choose the right style and colour for your home. Your shutters should match your overall home design and window shape and size. For instance, you wouldn’t choose small heritage style shutters for a modern home with large windows. Have a clear idea of the design you want to achieve and then do some research to find examples and inspiration.

The Correct Angle of Lighting
Window shutters are great for controlling light in your home. Often, you will find that the east and west sides of your home receive a lot of sun in summer, making the overall interior uncomfortably hot. This problem can be counteracted with window shutters. They will block out glare and heat and reduce stifling temperature build-up in your home. The right lighting and temperature are crucial to retaining the feeling of elegance in your home.

Add Freshness and Vibrancy
Installing new shutters adds a real freshness and vibrancy to your home, especially during renovations. They are a cosmetic facelift for your windows as they add a clean, finished dimension to your home. Often, a home that looks quite bland and plain can be totally transformed with window shutters – they’re the icing on the cake that makes it all the more appealing. For a touch of colour, consider adding a window box with seasonal flowers.

Security and Luxury Go Together
A secure home is a luxurious home.  After all, how can you feel content if you don’t feel safe? This is where shutters come in handy. Just the mere sight of window shutters lets potential burglars know that your home is not an easy target. Aluminium shutters make it almost impossible to break in while retaining an attractive appearance, unlike window security bars that often resemble prison windows.

Timeless Elegance
Window shutters like aluminium plantation shutters are designed to recreate a feeling of timeless elegance. You will see that all sorts of homes are suited to them from simple, three bedroom suburban houses to million dollar mansions.  Just by walking past a home with these window shutters, you are transported to a decadent and sophisticated era.

Beautiful, Practical and Functional
As you can see by now, window shutters are beautiful, practical and functional. Suiting any type of home and adding greatly to its value.  For more information on choosing and installing your new window shutters contact the shutter experts at Guardian Screens and Shutters online or call 07 3041 4875.

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