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Top 2017 Trends in Shutters and Screens

  • Guardian Screens
  • 23 Jun 2017
Top 2017 Trends in Shutters and Screens image

The latest trends in shutters and screens are an interesting mix of traditional and modern design. In the US and Sweden, the move is to a more flexible but very practical approach to products. Want to know what will be dominating in the world of screens and shutters in 2017? Read on for our insider tips!

New Designs for Traditional Shutters and Screens

New shutters and screens are essentially improvements on traditional products, but with new materials and new features emerging on the market:

One of the most notable things about the emerging trends is the move to update classic shutter designs. Plantation shutters, in particular, are very popular in the US, offering excellent design opportunities from a very reliable product range. The new indoor shutters focus on high-quality construction and things like energy cost reduction. Outdoor shutters are large, shady and built to match climatic conditions.

Aluminium plantation shutters are also becoming very popular, with custom-build options a must-have extra for this product range.

Another very relevant development is based entirely on practical considerations. The newest shutters are being used as risk management solutions for homes and businesses. In some parts of the US, insurance companies even offer a discount for approved shutters in areas subject to hurricanes. (Australian insurers may take into account good security shutters on much the same basis for homes and commercial premises.)

New screen technologies are much more than just a cosmetic upgrade. In the US, exterior screens are huge, remote-controlled versions of the familiar Australian screens. These are very high value, very useful products, offering good options for homeowners in vast array of different architectural and design environments.

Modern screens are much more than just bigger, better screens. They also include solar screens, ventilation design and better visibility for outdoor spaces. These new screens, including their indoor counterparts, also offer good privacy solutions.

Australian Applications for the Latest Design Trends

The new trends in screens and shutters couldn’t possibly be more Australian design-friendly. Australian houses, apartments and business spaces are using more window space than ever before. The large, design-friendly, customisable new screens and shutters are perfect for these environments.

From a purely consumer viewpoint, the emerging trends in shutters and screens are ideal.

In fact, the local market has been very clear about what it wants in shutters and screens. The most popular products on the market are also the best products available. From basic shutters to security shutters and lockable plantation shutters, people are opting for the best.

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