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Shutters and Interior Decorating

  • Guardian Screens
  • 04 Jun 2017
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Interior decorating is really all about a combination of functionality and good design. The latest shutters on the market deliver in both of these areas.

They’re more than just cosmetic. They provide light and glare management for your home, improved privacy, and more. They also offer some excellent opportunities to create enduring and enviable kerb appeal and to enhance your overall comfort.

Want to learn more about blending shutters with your interior and exterior design? Read on for some expert advice that blends practicality with daring décor.

Design Considerations and Solutions

Perhaps the best way to illustrate the truly wonderful benefits that shutters provide is to look at them from a problem-solving point of view. You see, while they’re providing excellent design, shutters can also solve your practical problems.

Here are a few examples of how the right shutters can solve your décor and practical issues:

Problem: Local lighting issuesOne side of your home receives too much sun in summer, from both east and west. Your carpet is bleached by too much light, and the interior is getting too much heat. 

Solution: Invest in heavy duty full coverage plantation shutters. This type of local onsite screening will block out glare and heat and reduce temperature build-up in the home. This will also provide excellent style for your home. You can see an example of this type of screening on our gallery page.

Problem: Remodelling and upgrading. You’re remodelling and upgrading your home and now you have a lot of added window space to cover. You’d also like to install good security screening. 

Solution: Easy! Top quality security shutters are very good for managing both requirements. The new security shutters offer excellent protection, better privacy, and can be used on doors, too. They provide a consistent design and because they’re new, they will be easy to match with your upgrades.

Problem: You just want good stylish shutters to go with your décor. Your interior is looking fabulous, but you’re not sure how to get the shutters you want. You need a modern look, but also a practical solution.

Solution: Modern products like plantation shutters, exterior patio shutters and even tough security shutters offer neutral colour options that go with anything. Take your pick from our collection of modern styles. Our shutters also feature the latest sun protection and top quality materials for a long product life.

Need Top of the Line Shutters in Brisbane?

As you can see, shutters truly are major design elements for the inside and the outside of your home. By coupling endless appeal with flexible design and great practicality, they can truly enhance any space.

To find out more about the next generation of screens and shutters in Brisbane, call Guardian Screens & Shutters. Phone us on 07 3041 4875 or contact us online and ask us about designer standard shutters. We’ll be happy to advise and assist.

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