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Tips For Selecting The Right Exterior Window Shutters For Your Home

  • Guardian Screens
  • 31 Aug 2015

Have you been desiring to improve your exterior design? Well, there is a way out for you. Try using the window shutters. They are very useful when it comes to outdoor as well as indoor designs. Window shutters are the perfect choice to use in upgrading your exterior lifestyle with the most creative designs that you want. Further, window shutters have a variety of styles that you can choose from so no limitation at all.

You just require to consider some few factors about your house, which will help you establish the custom window shutters that can help achieve the right design. Here are more tips that will guide you in choosing the right window shutters:

Choose the appropriate shutter panels for your windows

The size of your window determines the number of shutter panels to put. If your windows are small, it is better to put single-panel shutters. Also, single panel shutters are suitable for those windows with irregular shapes. This is mainly because using the folding shutters on small or irregular shaped windows will make the windows look disorderly and smaller.

In case your windows are medium sized or large, the suitable shutter panels are the bi-fold or the tri-fold. If your windows are in sets of two or three, it is better to put the shutters into a t-post so that there will be a uniform effect. For the multi-panel shutters, they are more appropriate on large windows over 2200mm and patio doors.

Know the various window shutters

Fold(s) is the amount of panels for the shutter on every window side. Therefore, the windows with one fold or double panels are commonly known as bi-fold or bi-folding shutters, and the triple fold or triple folding are for the folds that are two or panels that are three. There are also multiple panels suitable for the extra-large windows.

Knowing the types of window shutter will help you to know the number of folds appropriate and also in choosing the right ones for your windows. You will be able to understand the type of windows in your house.

Seek expert opinion

Sometimes the expert’s help comes in handy so do not hesitate to hire them if you need them. If you want to understand better the types of window shutters as well as the types of windows you have in your house, it will be good to hire an expert. An expert has gained enough experience and thus will give you the right information. Also, this will protect you from making a serious and expensive mistake. Here are more guidelines that you can only hear from an expert:

•    If you want to maintain your privacy and still allow light to get in, you can go for the café shutters. They usually leave the top half of the windows uncovered thus allowing in more light and the other half covered for the sake of your privacy.

•    When choosing your window shutters, ensure that you get those that will fit so that there is enough space for them to fold back. A small space will make your shutters to protrude inside, especially if you are using the multi panel shutters.

•    In order to achieve a neat look and a systematical effect on your windows, ensure that the shutter stiles on the vertical match with the sections of the window held by the panels (mullions). If your window is divided into two, use two or the four panels and if the window is split into three times, use the three folds.

In summary, the exterior shutters you will select for your windows will mostly dependent on the above factors. Regardless, remember that the outdoor shutters in Brisbane you choose will not limit you from using the design you desire. The most important factor is to first choose the type of shutters that are appropriate.

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