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Should You Use Wood Or Poly Materials When It Comes To Plantation Shutters?

  • Guardian Screens
  • 28 Aug 2015

Are you having a hard time in choosing between wood or poly plantation shutters? Well, it is understandable because both types give an amazing look on your windows and their quality is promising. However, you will have to make a choice! Remember that your choice will not be based on the shutter alone, but also basing on your house. The following guideline will help you choose the shutter that is suitable for your window:

The poly shutters

Poly shutters have their good and bad side. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of poly shutters that you should know about and will help you in making your choice:

The advantages

•    The poly shutters are resistant to moisture: If your windows are located in areas that are prone to moisture like a garage, the poly shutters are the most suitable. This is because these shutters are not affected by moisture regardless of the amount of exposure.

•    The shutters are cheap: If you prefer wood shutters, but with a constrained budget, you can go for the poly shutters. They are cheaper.

•    Durable and long lasting: Poly plantation shutters are strong, thus can last for a long time. Also, they can hold the color throughout its lifetime without any need for repair.

The disadvantages

•    They are very heavy: The poly shutter material is usually heavier than that of the wood. The unfortunate thing about this weight is that it puts pressure on the hinges and frames that hold the shutter. As a result, the frames and hinges may fall out or sag if the panels are too large.

•    Few panel sizes: Poly shutters are usually limited in panel sizes. The only sizes available are smaller ones. This means that if you have large windows, it may be tricky for you to use the poly shutters not unless you want to mix the two types shutters on your windows.

•    Limited color varieties: In most cases, poly shutters are usually in white or off-white colors. Therefore, if you would prefer a different color or to mix different colors, poly shutters may not be the best for you.

The wood shutters

Just like the poly shutters, the wood shutters have their share of the good and the bad. The advantages and disadvantages provided below will help you in determining if wood shutters are the best for you.

The advantages

•    Variety of color choices: Whichever color you want for your windows, it is possible with the wooden shutters. As such, wood shutters are the perfect for any color mixture and style that you may have in mind.

•    Light weight and durable: Wood plantation is strong and hence durable. Also, wood is lighter in weight than poly and hence you can use them for large panels without the fear of them is sagging or falling out.

•    Naturally beautiful: The fact that wood shutter can be painted with any color, makes it naturally beautiful and attractive.

•    You can stain wood shutters: If you are the kind who love the stained look on your window shutters, wood is the best option for you. In addition, you can custom the stain to match with your other indoor furniture.

The disadvantages

•    Need for repainting: Unlike the poly plantation shutters, the wood shutters require painting after sometime.

•    Expensive: considering that wood shutters require regular maintenance, this makes them more expensive. Still, because they have more to offer, it makes them costly than the poly shutters.

So, which type of plantation shutters in Brisbane is appropriate for you? Remember, you can only choose the custom shutters that are fit to your house. Do not choose the shutters blindly without full consideration of your house. The mistake can be very expensive while correcting it.

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