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A Touch of Luxury with Window Shutters

Window shutters are much more than mere furnishings for your windows. They can improve the overall design and add a touch of luxury to your home. Keep reading on to learn more about window shutters and what they can do for the appearance of your home. Inside out – the Anatomy of Window Shutters Window […]

Using a Shutter as a Room Divider

Did you know that you can use a shutter as a stylish way to divide rooms in your home or office? It has visual aesthetic and functional appeal when done correctly. Read on as we show you how you can achieve the look. No need to tear down any walls – do it DIY, cheap […]

Shutters vs. Blinds – Which One Is Better?

Whether to choose shutters or blinds for your property is an age-old debate, keeping renovators up at night pondering their options.  In this article, we will finally settle the argument and show you exactly why shutters are better than blinds so you can be properly informed before you make your decision. What’s the Difference between […]

Aluminium Shutters and Living Near Water

For some people, living in a coastal environment can be a dream come true but for all homeowners, it presents some serious considerations. Living by the water means you have to evaluate the functionality of your property and the materials that you’re going to use Here are just a few circumstances where living by the […]

Shutters for Small Spaces

You would think that smaller spaces would be easier to manage but small areas often mean big headaches for homeowners and building managers. Small spaces either get too much or too little light and they’re usually vulnerable in terms of security. In terms of appearance and privacy, small spaces are also sometimes lacking. So, what […]

Top 2017 Trends in Shutters and Screens

The latest trends in shutters and screens are an interesting mix of traditional and modern design. In the US and Sweden, the move is to a more flexible but very practical approach to products. Want to know what will be dominating in the world of screens and shutters in 2017? Read on for our insider […]

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