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Aluminium Shutters and Living Near Water

  • Guardian Screens
  • 06 Sep 2017
Aluminium Shutters and Living Near Water image

For some people, living in a coastal environment can be a dream come true but for all homeowners, it presents some serious considerations. Living by the water means you have to evaluate the functionality of your property and the materials that you’re going to use

Here are just a few circumstances where living by the water presents some problems.

The Tide Is High and So Is the Wind!

High winds are common in coastal areas and they bring with them a lot of sand, dirt, insects and other debris. That’s great for vacuum cleaner sales, but not so good for your home.
Your windows will get coated with a fine film of dust, giving you the constant job of cleaning them. Beyond this, the glass will probably get damaged too, resulting in series of small surface scratches or even fractures!

Humidity Hits Hard

Prepare for your timber shutters to take a real battering in coastal environments. These usually high-humidity regions can literally cause your timber to rot. They will also be impacted by the wind, which progressively damages them and affects their joins to the building.

Cyclone Warning

If your waterfront property is also in a cyclone area, your timber shutters will face even more problems. Anything from a sheet of metal to a collection of tree branches can be caught up in a cyclone and hurled at your shutters and your property.

Managing These Issue

The essential point here is that your shutters are your first line of defence against all these problems. Your shutters need to be durable, impact resistant, and above all, designed to take whatever the environment throws at you.

The simplest, and certainly the best all round solution for shutters when you’re living near water is aluminium. Large aluminium plantation shutters look the part and they can solve all these issues:

  • No corrosion: Powder coated aluminium shutters can last for years. They’re not affected by humidity or rain.
  • Durability: Aluminium shutters, being metal, can take the wind, heat and rain in their stride.
  • Resistance: These shutters can also withstand a reasonable level of impact and provide much more resistance to windborne objects.
  • Design: Aluminium shutters like lockable plantation shutters can be used anywhere around the home, either as interior or exterior shutters.
  • Security: You can upgrade to top quality security shutters and cover all the angles while managing the environment as well.

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