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Why You Should Blend Your Outdoor And Indoor Living Spaces Together

  • Guardian Screens
  • 08 Sep 2015

Innovation is not limited to business environments alone. You can as well practice it in your home. There are many custom ways that you can use to match your indoor and outdoor living spaces. The guidelines below will give you an insight of some of them. After, you can choose the best custom look for your living spaces.

Try your windows

You can try matching your garden look with your windows. It can be through the window shutters or the window frames. With the right balance of light and visibility, your window coverings can help you blend the indoor spaces with the outdoors. Remember that different window coverings have different benefits, thus determining the purpose for your window designing will be a good basis for coming up with the best covering. In this case, the purpose will be to blend your windows with your outdoor spaces.


Shades are the type of window coverings with the most styles, materials, and colors. They can be operated through motorization or manually and their light filtering options range from blackout to sheer. With shades, you have no limitation on the design you want to put on your windows. You can use them to convey various lifestyles and tastes using various colors and treatments.


There are various types of shutters with unlimited beauty and color. The beauty in the shutters allows you to design them in any style that you may want because they will fit in well. Custom shutters are the most suitable because they can adapt to any style, size, or shape. They can slide to one side, fold up the accordion- style to expose your window fully, swing inward on the hinges, or be affixed permanently. The decision is yours to make.


Blinds allow you to freely adjust your window view because they are easily adjustable and controllable. Regardless of your window shape or size, the custom blades are a perfect fit with either a cordless motorization or a cord control. Blinds are better with a stand-alone covering and with the decorative valances or the layered drapes.

Patio and deck

Patio and deck occupy the outdoor spaces. Adjusting their look can help you enhance your outdoor space and as well blend with your indoor as well. Here are some guidelines on how to go about it:

Try the sliding door and window screens

Window and door screens are a good barrier to dirt, insects and dust to your house as well as allowing free flow of fresh air and a good visibility. Custom screens can fit in any shape or size of the window or the door as well as the style you want to design.

The solar shades

They can be for protection from the sun, rain or even the wind. You can thus close them to protect yourself or open them to let in sunlight and fresh air. Solar shades are in a variety of styles and openness levels and so you do not have to worry when they are closed because you can still see the outside.

There are also the wood woven shades, which are good at filtering the rays from the sun yet allowing good ventilation to your house. You can adjust them anytime by lowering or raising them to the level you want. Woven wood shades and the bamboo shades are eco-friendly and usually add an attractive natural beauty to your outdoor space.

You can consult an expert for more assistance in upgrading your house look. The expert will guide you on the custom design styles for your outdoor space, as well as the best shades, blinds, and shutters in Brisbane to choose for your windows. With the custom indoor and outdoor designs, it will be very simple for you to come up with the best blending styles.

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