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Why A Close Fit Is Important When Installing Security Shutters

  • Guardian Screens
  • 06 May 2015
Why A Close Fit Is Important When Installing Security Shutters image

Security shutters are an excellent choice for when you need to keep your home safe from both intrusion and elements such as storms. As is the case with everything else to do with security, you will find that there are many things that affect how much security you can get from the shutters. These include the type of material the shutters have been made of, as well as the quality of workmanship used in installing them.

One of the most overlooked things when installing the shutters, however, is the issue of fit. This is one of the most taken for granted parts of shutter installation, but it’s one that you can’t afford to ignore at any cost. There are a number of consequences of not getting the measurements right when installing security shutters. Some of the most significant of these include:

It might take you long to get it done

This is a particular problem if you are installing the shutters yourself. In such cases, the fact that the plates might not fit well means that you would spend a lot of time trying to get it right. In fact, you may end up having to make several trips to the hardware store trying to get extra material to make the shutters fit. However, when you get the measurements just right, this is a problem that you will never have to deal with. It becomes very easy for you to fix in a few screws and have the shutters up in a few minutes.

Increased wear

Perhaps the most important reason why you should always insist on a close fit for your security shutters is the fact that it can also affect the longevity of the shutters. When all the components of the shutters do not fit snugly with each other, you will end up with a situation in which one of the parts of the shutters will suffer more wear than the others. In a short time, you will be dealing with situations such as finding that the shutters don’t open or close fully, or that you need to fiddle with them in order to make them work.

After some time, you will need to replace the shutters since they will have been progressively damaged over time. As you can imagine, this will occur sooner than it should, which means that you will end up spending even more on the shutters in the long run. Taking the time to ensure that everything fits perfectly will reduce the chances of this happening.

It will affect the security of the shutters

The main point of getting security shutters is that they will protect the home against intrusion, as well as against freak weather. However, you will find that this will not happen if the shutters are not properly installed. If they are not perfectly aligned, they will be much easier to break into, and the elements such as strong winds and storms will simply go through them. In the end, having spent the extra money to get reinforced shutters will not have paid off.

These are just some of the major issues you should keep in mind when you are dealing with security shutters. Making sure that they fit perfectly is critical, since it will affect just how much you get from them in the long run. The best way to find out the dimensions of the shutters is by consulting a high quality contractor who can then go over the numbers with you. They will give you a more accurate idea of what you need to get. You can also have them install the shutters and benefit from the warranties that most of them offer.

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