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The Importance of Quality Screens and Shutters

  • Guardian Screens
  • 21 Dec 2017
The Importance of Quality Screens and Shutters image

When it comes to choosing screens and shutters for your home or business, you simply can’t compromise on quality. Quality always wins over price in the end because if you buy cheap, you often buy twice. In this article, we explain the importance of purchasing quality screens and shutters in detail.

Screens and Shutters Should Meet Industry Standards
Just like with so many other products on the market, you will find that cheap screens and shutters are often made from inferior materials and lower quality workmanship. That is, they haven’t been tested properly and don’t meet Australian industry standards. The Crimsafe range of security screens follow stringent Australian guidelines and testing, so you can rest assured that they are of the highest quality. Shutters like aluminium plantation shutters also follow these rigorous guidelines and tests.

Buy From a Reputable Company
You should always purchase your screens and shutters from a reputable company, ensuring quality and integrity. Become your own detective and run a background check on your chosen company to find out:

  • How well established are they?
  • Are they fully qualified and experienced in the field?
  • What do client testimonials say about them?
  • What is their overall customer service like?
  • What warranties and deals are they offering?
  • What is their installation service like?
  • How will they deal with faults and problems?
  • Are the company and its products based in Australia or offshore?

Look at Company Affiliations and Partners
If the company you are buying your screens and shutters from is partnered and affiliated with organisations like Lockwoodand NSSA (National Security Screen Association) this further adds to their quality and credibility.  Generally speaking, these organisations wouldn’t associate themselves with a company that wasn’t reputable.  Therefore, impressive affiliations act as an endorsement for your company.

100% Family Owned and Australian Made 

A screen and shutter company that is family owned and uses Australian-made products is a guarantee for better quality and service.  This is proven because:

  • they will give you a more personalised service, tailored to your needs
  • customer service is generally of a higher standard (expect old-fashioned service)
  • their products follow Australian guidelines and laws so you can trust the quality and safety
  • if a fault or problem arises, it’s easier to fix quickly and efficiently
  • you are supporting Australian business, fostering local job growth and community involvement

Installation Must Be Right
It’s important that your screens and shutters are installed properly. There have been reported cases about screen and shutter companies that have carried out poor installations, resulting in broken products and wasted money. This completely defies the purpose of upgrading your window coverings.

Your chosen company must be dedicated to providing quality installation where your screens and shutters are set up quickly and accurately. All care should be taken to provide a neat and professional job, leaving you feeling happy and satisfied when you inspect the end result.

Get It Right the First Time with Guardian Screens and Shutters
Judging by this list, it’s easy to see the importance of quality when it comes to buying screens and shutters. For quality screens and shutters in Brisbane, contact us today. Feel free to give us a call on 07 3041 4875 to answer any questions you may have.

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