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Safe Window Security Options

  • Guardian Screens
  • 31 Mar 2016
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Window and Door Security Systems to Keep Your Family Safe

Picture a home with metal bars on all of the windows. You may think that this property is completely secure and absolutely safe for the residents. However, apart from the unpleasant aesthetic aspects, having bars installed on the windows of your home will actually increase your risk! While unsightly metal bars may deter criminals, they also prove a dangerous hindrance to your ability to safely exit your home in the case of fire.

When an emergency strikes, you need to be able to quickly and easily vacate the premises and often the front or back door is simply not accessible. Replacing window bars with our modern Crimsafe security screen mesh systems will give you protection from unwanted intruders, more privacy and also allow you to escape the property if a fire breaks out or a gas or carbon monoxide emergency takes place.

Turning your home into a prison is not the way to stay safe! We invite you to browse the information on this page and discover a better alternative to barring your windows and doors.

Reduce Your Risk

When a fire occurs in a residential home it can spread quickly. Exits can become engulfed in flames and rendered useless. In these situations having bars on your windows effectively traps you inside your home during such an emergency, vastly increasing your risk and making it harder for emergency services to reach you and your family. By replacing the bars on your windows with Crimsafe security screen mesh you’ll not only reduce your risk from outside threats but also minimise the danger from any emergencies that occur inside the home.

Patented Keyless System

Keeping undesirables out, while allowing you a safe exit option in the case of an emergency is the main feature of a Crimsafe security door or window security screen. The patented keyless Crimsafe Safe-S-Cape system will allow you to quickly and easily exit the premises in case of fire or other emergency situations.

Sturdy, Safe and Simple

One of the main features of the Crimsafe sliding security screen doors and custom screens for windows is that they are simple to operate in times of crisis. Find best casino bonuses here.During an emergency such as a fire, fumbling with a key to unlock a barred window could waste valuable time and even prove fatal. Crimsafe Safe-S-Cape systems ensure that you’ll always be able to escape easily should the need arise.

Don’t be a Prisoner in Your Own Home

Let’s face it, bars on windows of residential homes make them look and feel like prisons. There is no reason to feel like you are trapped in your own home and even less of a reason to actually be stuck inside during an emergency! With the Crimsafe range of window and door security systems you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your house is absolutely safe for you and your family.

Guardian Screens and Shutters offer you Brisbane’s best range of custom screen doors and window security shutters. Contact our security experts or visit our store for more details today.

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