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Safe and Stylish Patio Enclosures

  • Guardian Screens
  • 21 Mar 2017
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Outdoor living is a big part of the Brisbane lifestyle. However, there are many factors that can affect how much you enjoy spending time in your outdoor living space or dining area. Exposure to the elements, UV rays, insects and other vermin could really dampen your outside time, not to mention the fear of intruders seeing your home as a target.

Installing a patio enclosure is a great way to add to the exterior décor of your home while enhancing both your lifestyle and your safety. There are many different styles of patio enclosures, but we’ll just be going over two of the best: Aluminium plantation shutters and Crimsafe security screens.

Shutter Patio Enclosures

Plantation shutters are well known in Brisbane for their style, charm and functionality. The shutters look even better as a patio enclosure.

Elegant Appearance

Shutter patio enclosures give you an attractive means of securing your outdoor entertainment area and giving your home some serious indoor-outdoor flow. Aluminium plantation shutters are still designed in the traditional style, but they are much stronger and more durable.

Lockable and Secure

Don’t let the classic look and feel deceive you. These are lockable plantation shutters made with durable, powder-coated aluminium that will hold up against the physical force from an intruder, as well as against cyclone winds. They are made in Australia, for the harsh Australian climate. Aluminium has great insulation properties and will not fade, peel or warp under the hot Brisbane sun.

Practical and Functional

Lockable plantation shutters safe and aesthetically appealing, and they are also very functional and practical. You can easily enclose your patio with sliding, bi-folding or stacking panels, even if the perimeter is curved. In addition, the adjustable slats can control sunlight and airflow.

Crimsafe Patio Enclosures

Crimsafe makes security screens for doors, windows and patio enclosures that are simply unbeatable in terms of security.

Excellent Security for Outdoor Areas
You won’t find a tougher patio enclosure than Crimsafe. The 304 stainless steel mesh combined with the unique Crimsafe Screw-Clamp™ technology and exclusive tamper-resistant screws means that Crimsafe can stand up to Australian conditions and forceful intruders alike. Crimsafe meets and exceeds Australian and industry standards, passing tests against things like dynamic impact, knife shear and cyclone missiles.

Barrier from Elements and Insects
Another benefit of Crimsafe is that you get an uninterrupted view of the outside while being behind a barrier to protect you from mosquitoes and other vermin. You get increased comfort from good ventilation and protection from UV light, which is filtered through the mesh. In addition, the Crimsafe mesh provides decent privacy during the daylight hours.

With Crimsafe patio enclosures, you can feel comfortable leaving the doors and windows to the patio open to get some air into the house.

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