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Options You Can Explore When Doing Patio Enclosure

  • Guardian Screens
  • 28 Oct 2014

Getting patio enclosures makes a lot of sense if you want to have the benefit of staying in the outdoors without some of the associated drawbacks. The commonest reasons for anyone to enclose their patio is to prevent the entry of bugs into the enclosure, and to also protect it from some of the elements. If you are interested in getting the patio enclosure, it would be wise to have some understanding of some of the options you might have regarding this. These include:

Converting it into a screen room 

This basically means installing screen material around the patio, which is very good at protecting it from any insects or other types of wildlife. Some of the advantages of going down this road include the fact that it’s usually a very cheap way to enclose the patio. All you need to do is buy the screen material, and you could even do it yourself if you wanted to. In addition to that, there is very little glare that is likely to result from the process, which is common when you use glass instead of a mesh screen. In addition to that, the fact that you would use only a screen to cover the patio means that airflow would not be inhibited, making the patio have a lot of fresh air.

The main disadvantage of converting the patio into a screen room is that it will not protect the enclosure from inclement weather. If it rains, for instance, you might not be able to use the room since all of it would come through the screen.

Converting it into a three-season room 

This is also one of the most cost effective way of providing an enclosure for the patio, making it very popular. It protects the patio from insects and wind, and is usually very comfortable. Though it offers more protection against adverse weather when compared to the regular screen room, a potential disadvantage of the three season room is that it will still not protect you against very rough weather such as a lot of rain. In addition to that, since there is communication with the outside, it’s difficult to establish climate control within the unit.

Converting it into an all season room 

As the name suggests, an all season room is one that can be used at all times of the year. In fact, the definition of an all season room is one that allows you to have excellent views of the outside, but without having to deal with the weather and insects from the environment. Some of the changes that need to be made to convert a patio into an all season room include constructing sturdy walls around it, and making sure that one of them is made predominantly of glass in order to offer excellent views. It’s also necessary to install a HVAC system in the all season room to make it habitable throughout the year.

The main benefit of this conversion s that it offers high degrees of comfort. However, it tends to be very expensive as well. You need to work with a quality contractor to minimize the cost of the conversion.

Converting it into a solarium 

The other option would be to turn the patio into a solarium. This is similar to turning it into an all season room, only that the roof and most of the walls will be made of glass. Doing this gives it the feeling of being in touch with nature, but without having to deal with the annoyances such as insects crawling into the space.

The choice of conversion you should get depends on how much you are willing to spend, as well as how you want to use the patio once it’s covered.

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