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How to Set up a Great Outdoor Entertainment Area

  • Guardian Screens
  • 15 Jun 2018
How to Set up a Great Outdoor Entertainment Area image

An outdoor entertainment area is a good idea for so many reasons. You can create a beautiful space with all the features you want, add value to your home, and end up with a custom space designed specifically for your lifestyle.

The natural questions are “How?” and, equally importantly, “How much?”. You may be surprised to learn that it’s a lot easier and cheaper than it looks to create a perfect outdoor entertainment area.

Basic Outdoor Entertainment Area Planning 
You can deal with all your design needs and lock in costs at the planning stage. With a bit of help from the experts, you can get exactly what you’re looking for at the price you want to pay.

It’s a better idea not to spend a cent until you have thoroughly researched all of your options. Experts can help you with absolutely everything, from basic design through to design features, materials and labour costs, and much more.

One of the most common and efficient ways to plan an outdoor entertainment area is to use an existing patio. This is the most straightforward process. It’s also a realistic, low-cost option which will deliver all the amenities you need for things like barbecues, outdoor spas, dining areas, and more.

All you need to do is explore your design choices, and there are a lot of choices.

How Big Do You Want Your Outdoor Entertainment Area to Be?
In this regard, the easy option is to simply plan your patio according to your on-site space availability. It’s a good idea to make the space as large as it can be without encroaching on the garden.

What Sort of Look Do You Want?
An enclosed outdoor space has a range of exterior design options, like the beautiful plantation shutters, custom patio shutters, security doors and shutters, and much more.

Do You Want an Enclosed Outdoor Entertainment Area?
This is a good all-round option, covering weather exposure, kids’ play areas, privacy, and all the practical considerations of house access, etc. You can also have a partly enclosed outdoor entertainment area, if you’d prefer.

Do You Need Outdoor Security Features?
For enclosed outdoor entertainment areas, this is best practice. You can have lockable security doors or lockable plantation shutters, giving your home that extra level of security, particularly where there is direct access to the house from the entertainment area.

A good integrated area plan will deal with all these issues very effectively. Your outdoor entertainment area will be secure, weatherproof and unmatched in style.

About Enclosed Outdoor Spaces
Enclosed entertainment areas are very popular these days. Enclosing the entertainment area covers all angles. You get the privacy you need, a good indoor/outdoor space, a safe play area for young kids, and a good-looking addition to your home.

These enclosed spaces are also excellent for creating that extra space every family needs. Your outdoor entertainment area will double as a private retreat and a great place to just chill out at home, as well as a place to entertain friends.

Need Some Help with An Outdoor Entertainment Area in Brisbane?
For all the help you need creating your outdoor entertainment area in Brisbane, just call Guardian Screens & Shutters. We can assist with all aspects of outdoor area enclosures and much more. Call us on (07) 3041 4875 or contact us online and speak to our friendly team.

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