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Are Shutters And Blinds The Same Thing?

  • Guardian Screens
  • 01 May 2015
Are Shutters And Blinds The Same Thing? image

When you are shopping for window treatments, one of the issues you may come across is confusing shutters for blinds, and getting one instead of the other. However, doing this is likely to leave you very disappointed, since both window treatments are very different in terms of characteristics and functionality. This means that when you are shopping for them, it would be wise for you to ensure that you actually find out which is which, so that you can then determine which one to get.

On the surface, shutters and blinds might look similar. However, there are many differences that make them worlds apart. Some of these include:

Their general design

Shutters are designed in such a manner that they are fit around the frame of the windows. They also comprise of a frame that is then attached to the frame of the window you are installing them on. However, blinds are usually made in such a manner that the connection to the window frame is minimal. Usually, one would only need to attach them to the top of the frame of the window in question.

The blinds are opened and closed using a string mechanism. In order to open them, you will need to pull the string which will then make the louvers shift upwards to expose the window. Shutters, however, are opened and closed as regular windows are. For this reason, most people consider the shutters to be a better deal if you are interested in having the maximum amount of aeration or light streaming into the room. This is because the opening mechanism only involves opening the entire structure, as you would with double doors.

The likelihood of failure

You also need to take into account the likelihood of failure of the shutters and blinds depending on what you are getting. Typically, this depends on the general design of the window treatments. One of the major benefits of the shutters is the fact that they have a solid build. For this reason, they are usually more resistant to wear and tear compared to other types of window treatments.

One of the disadvantages of the blinds is that they have so many different moving parts, and are often held together by string. If you buy low quality ones, you will find that they will get damaged much faster compared to the shutters. This is especially so if the strings are not of high quality, or if you keep opening and closing them multiple times a day. One way to avoid this problem is by ensuring that you buy blinds that are made of only the finest materials.


Another difference between the blinds and shutters is the aesthetic appeal that each has. The huge amount of variety means that if you wanted to, you could get shutters that are suited to your lifestyle perfectly. In fact, many of the high quality vendors out there will do their best to ensure that they design products that are customized to your needs, and not the other way round. This in turn means that you will benefit from them even more.

In summary, the next time you are shopping for blinds or shutters, remember that they are not the same. There are many differences between each of them. You need to figure out exactly what you need from the window treatments so as to determine which ones to get. Also remember that shutters offer a lot of variety, making them the ideal choice if you want to really stand out.

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