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4 Things That Can Easily Damage Your Patio Enclosure And What You Can Do About Them

  • Guardian Screens
  • 30 Jan 2015

Your home should be comfortable at worst and relaxing at best. But like you may have already figured out, there are more qualities that make up a good home than just comfort and tranquil. There are those small spaces that matter; the seemingly small spaces that you can escape to everyone in a while to brainstorm on ideas or just think about life. One such space is the patio. It has to be neat, welcoming and of course appealing. But this is not always the case. A few setbacks often crop up and take a toll on the functionality of a patio. Here’s a brief but comprehensive overview of such setbacks and what you can do about them.


If you have a wooden patio or even a balcony, then you know what it means to deal with these little masters of destruction. They also happen to be eyesores, a great source of embarrassment and a health hazard. So the next time you spot mites on your patio, do not ignore them. A single mite crawling on a bar on the patio may very well mean there is a colony somewhere. The best you can do is to get an insecticide or call a mite removal service provider. Then be sure to use paints on the patio that can not only prevent mites but also kill them.

Inclement weather conditions

There is nothing one can do to tame Mother Nature. Think about too much sun and flooding and what they can do to your patio. Too much sun, means too much heat, which translates to peeling paint on the patio. This then translates to extra expenses for purposes of repainting. Flooding on the other hand comes along with water damage problems which are discussed below. These problems may seem hard to deal with. They actually are! But there is always a way around such problems. First off, use quality paints on patio. Stick to durable brands that can withstand too much sun. Then while painting, be sure to apply a thick undercoat. As for flooding, all you need to do is fix downspouts that can drain water at least a meter and a half away from the foundation of your patio.

Water damage

This has a lot to do with flooding.  Keep in mind that sometimes flooding could be as a result of plumbing glitches at home. Either way, water is involve; too much of it, means you may have to deal with water damage issues. Your best bet is to ensure you don’t have a pipe under the patio. Should you have one, it should not leak. Burst pipes and leaks can easily result to mold infestation even in open spaces like on the patio. Ensure too that the gutters on the patio work well. Go for seamless gutters to minimize leaks getting into the patio. Leaks may force you to put up with peeling paint or stained walls.

Poor workmanship

This is where structural issues come into the picture. It could be a faulty foundation, shaking pillars or even substandard patio enclosures. It could also be a structural error hidden from your eyes. The best and sure way to find out is to hire an expert for inspection purposes. Speaking of experts, settle for nothing short of reputable patio constructors. You may be forced to pay more for their services but you can be sure of quality services. Then avoid habits that can take a toll on the structural integrity of your patio enclosures or of the patio generally. Avoid hanging moveable flower beds or pots on the enclosures. Avoid too having water tanks on the patio roof.

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