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Why Shutters Are Ideal For Wet Areas Of Your Home

Why Shutters Are Ideal For Wet Areas Of Your Home  Rust is one of the most common concerns and issues that Brisbane homeowners have with their window shutters. At Guardian Screens & Shutters, we have approached this problem head–on with research, state-of-the-art technology, and a whole lot of trial and error to say goodbye to rust. Keep reading to learn how our shutters are the […]

Feeling the Breeze? How To Install Your Shades Correctly

Feeling the Breeze? How We Install Your Shades Correctly From burglars to the cold breeze, insects and everything in between, regardless of size, there are many unwanted intruders that can sneak in through a poorly installed window screen or shutter. Outdoor window shutters that haven’t been fitted and installed appropriately can let anything enter your home, so Guardian Screens & Shutters […]

Getting More Out of Your Energy Efficient Shutters

Getting More Out of Your Energy-Efficient Shutters  Many Brisbane homeowners have installed window shutters on the basis of their appearance and not much else. Little do they know that window shutters can improve the value and comfort of a home, especially when you choose energy-efficient products from Guardian Screens and Shutters. In this article, we’re exploring how you can get […]

Summer Storm season and protecting home in Brisbane

Protect Your Brisbane Home in the Storm Season  As the summer storm seasons looms, you need window coverings that can withstand the potential damage and security concerns that come with it. Unlike security bars, aluminium shutters are an attractive alternative for protecting your home against high winds, bucketing rain, and hail.  In this article, Guardian Screens […]

Choosing the Right Outdoor Window Shutters for Your Business

There are a number of factors to consider when you’re installing outdoor window shutters in your business space. What shutters work best for you could be dependent on the type of business you have, the layout of your property, and the design and size of the shutters themselves. Our team of experts have laid out […]

Stylish and Secure Window Shutters for Commercial Properties

There are a number of options for commercial shutters that allow you to keep your commercial property looking great. At Guardian Screens and Shutters, we have a wide range of options of products and services available so you can find something that keeps your commercial space looking better than ever. Our experienced team is here […]

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