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Quick Installation Tips For Outdoor Shutters

  • Guardian Screens
  • 29 Oct 2014

Outdoor shutters are used to protect doors and windows from damages during inclement weather and also to provide an effective barrier against cold and wind. They form a very attractive addition as window treatments, adding an elegant and transitional style to any home. It is however best to leave their installation to the professionals. This way, the right kind of shutters, as well as the size for specific windows are chosen and installed. Some inexperienced people on the other hand opt to install the shutters themselves, doing a bad job at it. This can be time, money and effort wasted for all involved.

Why install outdoor shutters?

The main purpose of outdoor shutters is to protect a property from the harsh weather elements. They are mostly designed to protect the doors and windows against the elements.  Their design in most cases will for example prevent strong winds from ripping the shutter off. Apart from this, their sturdy construction effectively helps to resist flying debris from damaging the property. In areas where strong winds are common, it is strongly recommended that homeowners install one form of strong outdoor shutters or another. This helps to minimize potential costly damages that are caused by the storms or winds.

The installation process

•    The process for installing outdoor shutters varies from one window to another or from one door to another, depending on things such as the size and shape. So when installing the shutter, it is critical to start by carefully measuring the height, length and often, the depth of the door or window before selecting a type that is right for the particular space.

•    The installer should make sure to measure all the way to the outer edges of the door or window sill so as to get the right measurement. Shutters that can suit the space depending on the measurements should then be chosen. If making outdoor shutters from the scratch, it is important to choose materials that are resistant to rot and water damage, such as aluminium.

•    The right kind of hardware should be used for the proper installation of the outdoor shutters. Guardian Screens uses Stainless Steel hinges & locks and quality componentry for a quality end result.

•    Remember that these shutters will be used outdoors and thus will be open to a harsh treatment from the elements.  For metal varieties, choose the types that are resistant to rusting, for example, aluminum. Resistance to water damages and rusting however is less critical for outdoor applications, though condensation can cause some issues.

What are outdoor shutters intended for?

When installing outdoor shutters, it is important to note that they are intended for functionality and aesthetics. This means that it would be a good idea to purchase the types that have a locking function so as to allow them to be secured in either the closed or open position.  The locks are supplied with the shutters and are easy to install and use after the installation.

Types of outdoor shutters that can be opted for

There are a number of different types of outdoor shutters that can be installed, depending on the application required. These include floor to ceiling bi-folding or fixed in place panels, bi-folding panels above handrails, fixed blade privacy screens to the outside of windows, hinged door panels built into a wall of shutters. The custom made shutter options are endless, depending on the application required.

All in all, whichever type of outdoor shutter is opted for, ensure to have a professional install it for you. This way, its proper installation and your peace of mind is guaranteed!

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